Feb 4, 2008

AMC - TIME CRISIS starring Ryan Lavery

jase: Wow, I learned from AMC all you need to tell a story is fish eye lenses and forced perspective, not dialogue.
Darn: I hate those characters. I hate the stories they tell with them.
Darn: Hate hate hate
jase: Look, let's clutch each other while looking at Ryan.
jase: Look, Ryan, hold me though you no longer know me while we both gaze lovingly at either each other or Kendall, but above all, SAY NOTHING.
Darn: The new hospital set is more interesting than this story.
jase: It's quite a set.
jase: Debbi Morgan is still better than everyone.
jase: It is almost painful to watch all these jerkwads standing around like, what's going on Dr. Much Better Actor?
Darn: Seriously. I just don't get it. They are NOT good enough to rise above this garbage material.
jase: Here, come meet Annie who has nothing to do with this case. Debbi Morgan ain't got no time for you Annie!
jase: They're not good enough to play with Angie. She comes off compelling at least. They just all look lame. It's like a sore thumb, it really is.
Darn: Yes, she sticks out like a sore thumb because she's ya know, acting. I feel like I'm watching a high school play with the rest of them. I cannot believe this show has been handed over to 6 people.
jase: And like they'd let Ryan wander the hospital thinking it's 2004.
jase: Asking when the new episode of Newlyweds is coming on. Voting for George McGovern.
jase: "You mean television comes in color? WITCHCRAFT!"
jase: "I have no time for you, Dark Roots Girl! I must find Afrosheen Kendall so we can return to the butter churn and continue harvesting the winter crops!"
Darn: lol, Afrosheen
Darn: And Cam Mathison is a bad actor.
Darn: Looking like a zombie is not acting.
jase: Srsly they would not just let him wander off alone to harass people like it's 2004.
jase: "OMG Kendall I still love you!" That would not happen. He would not be allowed to wander into Greenlee's room and give an impassioned speech while thinking it's 2004. Yes, let the brain damaged man speak. No.
Darn: At that point he rips out someone's heart monitor.
jase: "This metal contraption keeping her breathing is no substitute for a good chemist's salve!"
Darn: "So Dr. Hubbard, when do we start the bloodletting?"
jase: "My layman's opinion is that this disease will need no fewer than eight leeches, what say you, Doctor Martin? Nurse Santos! Prepare the heated cups!"
Darn: "Do we treat moors in this hospital?"
jase: See, you had to go there.
Darn: Had to!
jase: "You know, Joe, socialized medicine is really the Reds creeping into the fabric of our society."
Darn: "I cannot believe you guys let me marry a dude."