Oct 11, 2007


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Jack's head, I'd like you to meet your new body. Say hello!

You gotta be KIDDING me with this shit.

I might watch this if only for the lolz.


jase said...

STARRING Peter Bergman AS Harrison Ford IN "Firewall: What is it? I don't understand, I'm old."

Kaboom said...

Is that shit for real?

'Cause if it is: Darn, Jase, please, you MUST watch this. I need your snark!

As if Jack's head wasn't bad enough, poor Jeanne Cooper. She looks like a broke ass Madam Taussaud's wax figure of herself.

Darn said...

I'm debating whether or not to watch it. The only problem is that I have NO IDEA what's going on with Y&R...other than this nonsense. JFP should sue for copyright infringement!

Kaboom said...

Even in the midst of a disaster Sharon's hair still manages to look like ass. Continuity, yay!

Right now, Y&R is the suckiest suck that ever sucked. That poster is a joke. But I'll watch. Why? To see how much shit LML and her hacks will copy. Like...

I bet PB will lift a casualty/injured dumbass in his arms as he looks up to the sky in exhaustion/shock, artistically spotlighted by a helicoptor's searchlight. Just like George Clooney did on ER back in the day.

Darn said...

Here's what I expect: Phyllis' prison is somehow miraculous close to Clear Springs so when it blows so does her cell, she escapes and helps with the rescue. Unfortunately Nick is stuck between rubble so Phyllis gives him a handjob until the workers get to them.

Too dirty? I don't give a fuck!

And clearly this whole debacle will turn Katherine in a crotchety old British woman in a BBC special episode of Coronation Street from 1976. Don't believe me? See above picture.

Another thing that is totally obvious is that Paul and Lauren will be attacked by witch doctors and have their heads shrunk. Don't believe me? See above picture.

And guess what? A week after the ASHES OUT OF THE SETTLES DUST BOOM KABLOOEY we get a nice little performance from Enrique Iglesias. Because that's how Y&R rolls.

Cat said...

Oh, you missed the Enrique Iglesias-sung montage framing Nikki & Victor's break-up last Friday. Julio Iglesias I can see. But whiney-ass big girl's blouse Enrique? Poor Victor was crying. He knew they should have gone with Julio, too.

Damn LML for tossing out Y&R's background music. That incidental music used to make Y&R look and sound stunning and tense and expensive and film noir-ish. Now it looks like One Tree Hill. Which is prob the sound LML was straining for.

smartyshorts said...

Oh Darn, how I have missed you.
Out of the Sandbox was a bunch o' boring crap and America NEEDED you, Man!
Seriously, nothing happened. All that "Rivalries, friendships, death and destruction GASP!WHORE!" was a complete lie.
Victoria had a photo op at the top of a pile of rubble then got bonked on the head by some styrofoam debris (that came at her HORIZONTALLY) and tucked and rolled into a coma/maternity leave. The whole fiasco only accomplished what a regular old car crash could've done.
They didn't even kill Miss Noah. (GodDammit!)

Anonymous said...

come back to Y&R Darn! YOu are so funny!

crc said...

Hello everybody. Long time no post. LOL! I had to drop by and say "Hi" to my peeps Darn, Jase and all of the posters.

I'm so glad I missed this crap. I was tempted to watch the recap episode today since I have the day off but thought better of it. I've heard nothing buy bad things...

I'm still watching B&B. Ya'll need to blog about that show sometime. I'm sure the obvious male body double they used for Stephanie this week would have given you tons of material. LOL!

I promise not to stray for too long again.