Jan 14, 2008

AMC - Black People on Daytime? NO WAY!


That picture is just too cute for words.

If you're a regular ABC Daytime viewer you might be unaware that Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams, the legendary Angie and Jesse Hubbard, daytime's first (and frankly, only) black supercouple is returning to All My Children this week. I'm sure you're well aware that THE REAL GREENLEE RETURNS IN THREEEEEEEEEEE DAYS! because as we all know Greenlee Smythe and Rebecca Budig touched a vital nerve in pop culture and will remain discussed and beloved 20 years from now for her thrilling, historic storyline and non-Emmy winning role. Surely.

I don't think I've ever told this story here but I'm actually named after Darnell Williams. Yes, my name is Darnell hence the Darn. I thought it was clever, I was 12, sue me. So yeah, Angie and Jesse were HOOGE when I was born and my mom was a fan. I guess that's why I've always felt this connection to them even though I was 5 when he died on the show and have only seen clips of them.

It angers me beyond belief how little promotion they've received compared to Rebecca Budig's return. The fact is that Greenlee has been back for half a year now and frankly she wasn't missed. Angie and Jesse have been gone for twenty years and returning portrayed by the original Emmy winning actors. They were once a cornerstone of the show and they've barely been mentioned over the blare of the return of the Greenlee effin' Smythe. It's a travesty. But what can I expect of ABCD run by the devil?


But their history and talent has me unbelievably excited. About ALL MY CHILDREN? Can you belieeeeeeeeeeeve it?

I can't.

Some beautiful person on YouTube posted one of the episodes Soapnet showed over the weekend featuring Angie and Jesse, here are the vids:


Kaboom said...

I don't think even the great Hubbards could bring me back to ABC, Darn. I am tempted to tune in tho, just to see Angie and Darnell again. My mom cried when Jesse died and frankly, I've never seen her cry for REAL people.

Thank you for the clips! And lookit there, PB as Cliff, my mom's fave. I may bookmark these to show her the good ole days. :0)

Anonymous said...

My mother sat me in front of the tv when I was 3 years old and had me watching AMC. Darnell Williams ripped my heart out with his acting. Unfortunately, watching these videos made me extremely bitter, due to the fact that AMC is completely unrecognizeable and utter bulls**t. I don't even watch it anymore, just read about it on various blogs and message boards.

What really upset me more than anything was the pop up (three more days!) and the voiceover on the end credits. GREENLEE, Jessie, and Angie. We are talking about two legendary characters in the shows history, people you actually rooted for and loved, and this heifer gets top billing because TPTB think RB's enough to save this ship. There is NOTHING rootable about Greenlee. At all.
ABC Daytime, Greenlee Smythe is not Jesus Christ. That bitch can't walk on water and neither can you, so please don't insult the viewers intelligence by making us believe otherwise.

All that being said, Jesse and Angie melt by cold, black heart.

chesty morgan said...

Here is Rebecca Budig http://rebecca-budig.blogspot.com