May 11, 2007

OLTL: Yo E-Money

Yo E-Money,

You don't mind me calling you E-Money, right? Right, I know you don't, I know how you roll when you're away from the cameras. I just wanted to say, you know, 'heeey.' And congratulations on the interview, and thanks for keeping it reals. I was thinking of you and Viki with Mother's Day coming up, and I know you've taken a lot of bullshit from trick-ass fools trying to blow up your spot in the last year. And we know what happens to bitches who try to blow up Viki's spot. Has anyone seen Pat Ashley in twenty years? I don't think so.

Anyway, Mother's Day and all, yada yada yada, and I'm sure you're probably pretty busy. But just so you know, the open offer stands for you to text me and Darn on your Sidekick so we can get together at the club and make them play Mystikal, and get ripped, and then go beat on the cast of Passions with bicycle chains. I know how you play. Bring Lee Patterson. I bet he likes to party.

Okay, Happy Mother's Day.



P.S. - EDITORIAL NOTE: Darn and I actually cannot beat up anyone, ever.

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Cat said...

OK, I am as dumb as Ridge Forrester. Until I hit that pic of Erika Slezak at the bottom of your post, I thought "Viki" referred to Victoria Rowell and "E-Money" was what you young 'uns call 50 Cent. I was all "Mystikal? And who the hell is Lee Paterson?"

Now that I get it -- WORD. I wish she'd hunt down Higley and Frons with her bicycle chains. Plus I'm dying to know what her Pretty HOT Ideas About Life And Love were back in 1974! No, seriously.

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