May 10, 2007

Y&R - Thursday - Live Blogging

I have not watched Y&R in a month so be kind.

12: 30:
Oh wow, Billy Warlock. Hey, Billy, how's it going? I like you but a 40 something year old man going by Billy is kinda sad, babe. Almost as sad as Nikki.

12: 33: Speaking of, somebody got a haircut. It's nice. The long hair was porn-ish. Hillary keeps it short and sweet. And not just cause she likes the kitty, no, because that's what grown-ups do.

Phyllis is on trial? What for now? The blackmail? That's dumb.

12: 36: Was Daniel looking at porn on a PUBLIC COMPUTER? Dumbass. Is that shit genetic? Dumb mother, dumb son. Don't get knocked up, Ugily.

Ugh, Daniel is a pig. What has happened to my Dily? Motherfucker.

12: 39: Doesn't the DA have like murders and gangrapes and shit to deal with? I'm sure the sexy, sexy blakmail of that hot stud Brad Carlton and that sexy bitch Sharon Newman is at the top of his fucking list.

Michael is so gay. I mean that in the best way, he's gay, fantastically gay. I don't even know what they're talking about, actually I do, I just don't care. Most of my focus is on Michael's facial expressions, they range from fabulously incredulous to splendidly smug. Now I ask, why does he has to be defending the Teflon red-head?

12: 43: Victoria looks all brokedown and ugly.

Oh, she had a miscarriage, that explains it.

Wow, I'm heartless. I don't care even a little bit. Though I think it's cruel to have a pregnant actress act out a miscarriage story.

12: 47:
Daniel: What? I'm nawt!
Lily: SO ARE!

Lord, this is boring. I wanted to do a whole dialogue but they're giving me nothing to work with!

12: 50: Amelia Heinle is awful. There's not much more to it.

12: 54: With the way the light is hitting Don Dismont's head it looks like he's wearing a yalmulke. Haha, I want Brad to wear a yarmulke in every scene. That's funny, right? That's funny.

12: 55:
Daniel: Lily!
Daniel: Okay, okay, this wouldn't be a problem if you gave me a bl--
Daniel: I'm sick of having sex in the dark covered head to toe in plastic!

1: 00: Haha, Joshua Morrow looks like a monkey. A hot, half human monkey. Like he's the ostricized monkey on the Planet of the Apes. Uh, the ostricized ape. "You don't fit in here, Josh! Not hairy enough!".

Okay, it's bad enough sleeping with a married woman but a pregnant married woman? Good going, Jeffrey Todd.

1: 16: Phyllis is forever trying to start shit. Okay, we get it, you're a baaaad girl. Whatever. Shut up, ho.

1: 17: Lily looks like a pterodactyl, no? Thanks, Dee!

1: 24: Who is this bland brunette mess? Oh, it's Victoria. Why is she even letting Brad touch her?

Oh, are Nick and Sharon gonna have elicit plane sex?

When did Nick become a fucking talk-to? You have a problem, bring it to effin' Nick Newman! Because he's so smart and full of good advice. Please. Dude can barely walk upright.

1: 27: Oh, that shit with Jack "I OWN JABOT!" Abbott has finally come out? Aaaaand it lands with a...thud.


jcleopatra said...

LMAO!!! Glad ur back! Isn't this porn storyline the most embarassing, silly, vile, and just senseless storyline ever? Today was just bad acting all around (from fauxdily). LML and her plot driven mess has ruined a character that grew and developed a lot, well her plot driven shenanigans has ruined every character...oh well...on to brighter things:
(yes, shameless promo)
Hope u like!

confused said...

Darn? Is it really you???

Darn said...

jcleopatra, it turned out BEE-YOU-TI-FULL! That's our girl! Miss her more and more every day.

Hi confused, yeah, it's me. I just thought I'd test the Y&R waters after a month or so of not giving a damn. Still sucks! I know, crazy, right? Yeah. Sadness.

Kaboom said...

Whoo hoo! Darn's back, baby.

This show is still a mess.

Cat said...

OMG, you're back! *sobs with happiness*

I find Y&R hypnotic at the moment. Like Amelia Heinle who is hypnotically beautiful but also hypnotically unresponsive in any of her scenes. Speaking of unresponsive, Steely Thighs of Death still cannot crack an emotion on that botoxed brow of his, huh.

Anonymous said...

LML has sucked the goddamned life out of this show. Even an episode that almost seems interesting with various confrontations turns out to be a drag once I realize I fast-forwarded through half of it. Even the *rollseyes* shocking ending with the contrived bullshit plane crash left me laughing my ass off as Sharon just survived a contrived cliff dive two weeks ago. LML SUCKS.