May 15, 2007

Y&R - Nick Newman Dies And The World Rolls It's Eyes

Or sobs uncontrollably. Whatevs.

Hey, if I wrote Y&R I wouldn't give Amelia Heinle dialogue either, so LML and I are on the same page there. And indulge me in a tired joke and superficiality but...

Now I'm a known Peter Bergman fan but no. No. Those scenes were overblown and dumb. And pointless, the heffa is alive. And I don't care.

And okay, let's do a wordless crying scene with Don Diamont. YEAH, OKAY, THAT'LL WORK. The guy can't convey emotions when someone is writing for him, what makes them think he can do it with just stage direction? Good lord, the bad decisions on this show just keep coming.

Someone on the Y&R thread at TWOP compared him to a Transformer and I concur.

"I have five fingers and one big tool, pick a violation."

Nikki sure did go through the stages of grief quickly. She's already blaming Victor. It's all so silly. Wouldn't it have been nice of Victor and Nikki to stop by the tackhouse, you know since it's ON THE SAME PROPERTY AS THEIR HOME.

I am so sick of this show's manipulation. Nick's been as dull as wallpaper and half as bright for about two years now, you expect me to be sad over his death? How about giving him a personality and a purpose first.

Clearly I am full of too much hatred and unforgiveable blackness to watch this show.


love da blog said...

I don't think he is dead, do you?

Darn said...

Nah. Joshua Morrow just signed a 5 year contract, he's only soap "dead". Amnesia, in a coma, being held by a psycho, etc. One of those.

Kaboom said...

That pic of Bradatron is so going to be my desktop wallpaper. How is that a fictional animated alien robot from a 1980s cartoon shows more damn emotion than Don Diamont?!

ITA with you, Darn. Why again are we supposed to care that Nick is "dead"? Whatever.

I'm starting to think LML needs Ritalin. SLOW the FUCK down, bitch.

love da blog said...

wow! That's some good acting. And hey - why didn't they make a big fuss when Drew died? huh? HUH?!?