Apr 16, 2007


Recently, Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan on OLTL) was let go. OLTL revealed that his exit was due to his refusing to go off-contract and recurring, which Phil has always swore never to do. Also, Erika Slezak (Viki) spoke out publicly in her fan newsletter about the sad state of the show.

In the most recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, "It's Only My Opinion" columnist Carolyn Hinsey wrote thus:

It’s Only My Opinion By Carolyn Hinsey

Okay, kids, it’s time for you all to pull your chairs really close to this page so we can have a come to Jesus meeting about soap stars and their contracts.

Soaps are a business. They make their money on advertising, and advertisers only value viewers aged 18-49. It’s stupid and it’s not fair, but it’s a FACT. So, the networks do focus groups made up of fans like you and me, and those fans answer questions about who and what they like and don’t like on their shows. The shows then take some of that information--faulty though it may be---and use it to decide what to pay their people. That’s how business works. The most valuable people make the most money.

As we get older, our faves are all getting older, too. A few have trouble remembering their lines. Some have health problems, ego problems, even the occasional drinking problem. We, the journalists who cover daytime, don’t report even one-tenth of what we know a.)most fans don’t want to read about it and b.) it crosses a line into tabloid journalism that is not our territory. Do you really want to read about the actor who beat up his wife and was served a restraining order on the set in front of all his co-workers? Or would you rather keep liking his character while the show quietly phased him out and then recast the role(which they did)? I thought so.

Remember when Anna Lee (ex-Lila, GH) was dropped to recurring at 91 and there was this huge hue and cry about unfair it was? She was a lovely talented woman, but she was obviously frail. GH was willing to keep her onscreen as her health permitted on a recurring basis. How many people do you know who still have their jobs at 91? I know someone who had to retire at 55 because his company has a mandatory retirement age!

Sometimes when a beloved vet is let go or dropped to recurring its because they have a problem you don’t know about. Or they demanded to keep their 1980s salary, which went the way of rabbitt ears on the TV. Or maybe they simply aren’t up to the job anymore and the show is being kind by dropping their workload to allow them to exit gracefully.

Whatever it is, trust me. If an older actor is pulling their acting weight, scoring high with the focus groups, and not making unreasonable demands, they are going to stick around. But if they are a giant pain making crazy demand and annoying their co-workers and/or directors, they’re gone. That’s why they call it show business.

So, keep watching and loving your faves, and don’t tune out because one or two actors aren’t on as much as you’d like. If you want to change things…try to get in a network focus group!

What follows is my response. Warning: It is fucking long, son.

Dear Ms. Hinsey,

Hello. I'm Jase, and I blog with my writing partner "Darn" at a silly soap blog we call "The Wreck Center." You do not know me, but I feel like I already know far too much about you. You see, I've been reading your "It's Only My Opinion" column in Soap Opera Digest ever since I first started surreptitiously, shamefully sneaking issues of it off the shelf at the supermarket as a junior high schooler to buy and take home with me. That was about ten years ago. Actually, I really don't know if you were in it all the way back then, I can't recall, but I imagine so. You're something of an institution in the magazine, after all. And that's all well and good. Institutions deserve a degree of respect and attention, even if they're as consistently wrong as I usually find you to be. But even though I regularly, joyfully disagree with you, I have never felt compelled to write to you until now. You wrote recently about having a "Come To Jesus" meeting with your readers and through them, the contemporary daytime audience. You explained to us poor, starry-eyed soap fans in very sweet language about how "soaps are a business," and how sometimes, the beloved or elderly veterans, or both, have to go in the name of commerce, budgetary concerns, and the youth demographic, and that if they do go, it's usually because they're not "pulling their weight" (like, say, Anna Lee, who you cited in your article, who was fired at 91 and dead shortly thereafter after the new executive producer broke "General Hospital"'s longstanding promise to her and her family) or are making "unreasonable demands" and are thus no longer of use, but that we should "keep watching and loving [our] faves." I'm sure your unspoken addition to that sentence was "....while you can," but I'm just giving you the benefit of the doubt, okay? Okay.

Now, I want you to know first thing: I understand everything you said. I even agree with some of it. Soaps are a business. People do have to go. There is a youth demographic which is, understandably, the primary target of daytime television executives. And what you wrote is, after all, "only [your] opinion." Supposedly, but I have my doubts. But here's the thing, Ms. Hinsey, see, something just hit me like a ton of bricks: For all your long history in the world of daytime media, it turns out that I am a daytime institution too. I know, crazy, right? Not only that, but it turns out that - wait for it - I'm actually a lot more important than you and your opinion. And I'm more important than any of the executives or creative staff at ABC Daytime, be it Brian Frons, or Bob Guza, Jr., or Frank Valentini or Dena Higley. I'm even more important than some of the veteran soap stars who you just might have been obliquely referring to as "unreasonable" or "not pulling their weight," such as Phil Carey or Erika Slezak (Mr. Carey, a recent cancer survivor, was just let go from "One Life to Live" after decades of service for insisting upon his contractual renewal in lieu of "recurring," and Mrs. Slezak just spoke out vociferously on the show's quality, or rather lack thereof, in her fan newsletter) . I'm just plain more important than you and all of them. But it's not just me, right, because so is my blogging partner Darn, and so are most of those obnoxious online posters at Soap Opera Network, and so are most of those shrieking young women in the audience on SoapNet who scream for "old" folks like Hillary B. Smith or line up for Erika Slezak at Super Soap Weekend. Here's why, see: I'm not just the audience. We already know the audience ceases to matter to daytime after they hit 50, or 40 or 35 if we're being honest. No, see, I, and Darn, and all of those others, are all in the 18-49 demographic. Not only that, but Darn and I are both at the very low end of 18-49, namely under 30. Cast your mind back to those halcyon years, Ms. Hinsey, I'm sure you can remember. Which means, as you know, we are gold. We are made of frickin' bling. We live on iPods and cellphones and YouTube and MTV and instant gratification. We're gold to daytime advertisers, we're gold to daytime producers, to daytime executives, to daytime programming heads. If we tuned out or tuned in in a certain way starting next week in record numbers for a long enough time, we could have Steve Burton out on the street doing "Death Of A Salesman" in a Florida dinner theater, like Kevin Kline's character in "Soapdish." In that strictly vicious, corporate sense, we are, then, the only voice or opinion that really matters. Not yours, and not even the voices or opinions of the people behind the scenes at ABC Daytime. Ours. Which brings me to my complaint.

I have been a regular viewer of ABC Daytime since around 1993, hiding it from my friends, clumsily taping it or just staying home sick for unhealthy periods of time. I came into it full-time to watch "All My Children" and Kendall Hart, but at the time the show didn't do it for me so much (it did later) . I stayed, however, for "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital." I was fascinated by characters like Viki, Dorian, Nora, Max, Luna, Todd, Marty, Rebecca; families like the Spencers and the Scorpios, stories like those of Luke and Laura, Bobbie and Tony, Robin and Stone. Later on, I became addicted to the endless foibles of Erica Kane and Tad Martin and Liza Colby, and Dixie and her horrible, horrible hair. God, what bad hair. Now, the fly-by-nighter teens like, say, Bobby and Anita or Joey and Kelly didn't really do it for me; I might've liked them, but except for the rare stars like Susan Haskell, Roger Howarth, or Kim McCullough, my attention was almost always fixed elsewhere, on brilliant older actors and actresses like Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, and Hillary B. Smith. I worship the ground Robin Strasser and Hillary B. Smith walk on, you don't even know. I did even then, and I was only in junior high at the time. Here was Nora, a fortysomething woman with grown children, or a villainous middle-aged dowager like Dorian, and yet they were my single favorite characters on "One Life to Live," which had become my show. Now, what do I have in common with Nora and Dorian? Except Nora's faith, absolutely nothing, including gender (Yes, I am that rare breed soap press and soap executives don't like to talk about: The male fan) . Yet I was entranced by their grit and spirit and forcefulness, or Viki's seemingly effortless grace of character, or Clint and Bo Buchanan's soulful resolve, or Asa Buchanan's steely curmudgeonness.

But more than just these great characters played by great actors, I was entranced by the shows themselves. I don't mean just the concepts or the production values or music or surface things like that, I mean the density of it, the scope, the length, the sheer weight and time spent - the history. I knew going in that soap operas had been on for a long time, and that these shows dated back at least twenty years or more at that time. I knew these characters and these families, the Lords, the Buchanans, the Spencers, the Scorpios, the Quartermaines, had been around for years and years, had gone through so much, had been everywhere and done everything, and that I was just the latest to come into their space and be with them. It was like a whole other universe, cozy and real and warm and full of life, not only when I was there watching but also when I hadn't been, before me. For a child watching, this fictional world was theirs, not just mine at my beck and call, and these people and these families and these towns went on and on. If you were ever that child in the audience, then I bet you know what kind of a comfort the continuing story of a daytime serial can be sometimes. A sense of history is what I kept watching soap operas for, a sense of a rich, long tapestry, something that spooled out beyond my memory and further than my eye could glean, a sense of history and a sense of family. It was because these characters remembered it all and loved each other that I remembered and loved them, too. And I was not the only one.

Here is something that I think you and those in the business of making daytime television already know but often don't acknowledge: Kids do not watch soaps for other kids. Okay? They just don't. They see enough of that around them in everyday life. They deal with it everyday at school. They watch for adults. They watch to see older people doing adult things that are so much adult and serious than kids think they could ever possibly be. I watched for Nora, Dorian, Viki, Luke, Laura, Bobbie, and all the rest. My friend Darn here at The Wreck Center watched Y&R for Jill and Katherine. I watched Nora fight to be with Bo, I watched Viki struggle with Sloan and Clint and her past with Dorian and her father, I watched Dorian defiant on Death Row. We watched for the older people, doing things older people do, and we watched for the families, and we watched for the memories and the history, like the Victor Lord story, that wrapped us in it without asking, sucking us in, making us part of the tapestry, and we didn't complain - we loved it. We still do. We watched for these characters and these things, we stayed for them, and yet here, today, in 2007, we are essentially being told, in deed if not word by the powers that be in daytime television, that even though we are the key demographic, we don't really want to watch these things, this isn't really what's interesting to us, these people don't really matter to us, and we should keep watching these shows even as they turn inside out into some of the worst, most unrecognizable crap I have ever forced myself to sit through. And now, Ms. Hinsey, in your condoning the recent daytime business practices, you're essentially telling us that too - of course, I'm sure it was "only [your] opinion" and Soap Opera Digest has a totally independent editorial stance, right? Right.

It's hard being a fan of "All My Children," "One Life to Live," or "General Hospital" these days, Ms. Hinsey. The older, veteran characters we love so much seem to keep dropping like flies. Edmund Grey got murdered and his killer is now a romantic lead. Dixie died by poison pancake but apparently, it's okay because, hey, look, we have Babe and Krystal! Nobody's ever sick of them! Asa is hitting the bricks on "One Life to Live," just like Max and Gabrielle did, just like Cassie, just like Nora almost did when she went into a magical contract negotiations coma for what felt like ten years. But it really almost doesn't matter if Nora woke up, because she, like Viki, like R.J., like Bobbie or Mac or Robert or Jack Montgomery, like virtually any and all major veterans on ABC Daytime, have practically no story or airtime, or when they do, it's for the most idiotic, shallowly written stories, such as the horrible, character-defying "triangle" with Clint, Dorian, and David on "One Life," during which time the show brainlessly wrote out male god made flesh Tuc Watkins and, apparently realizing their mistake while unwilling to admit it, have been dragging him back ever since as some sort of ridiculous stop-gap measure. Meanwhile, in the place of these beloved characters, we have to entertain constant, dubious new "prospects" like John McBain or Evangeline or Spencer Truman or Tate on OLTL, or Maxie's various doomed boyfriends on GH, or, worst of all, Zarf or Josh the abortion baby on AMC. But it must be hard for the soap press most of all, because you guys have to spend all your time breathlessly reprocessing these new names and faces and ad copy in the pages of your magazines, pretending like they matter, pretending like any of us give a damn, and frankly, we don't, and frankly, you know we don't, because you, Ms. Hinsey, know the facts just like we all do: This is a con job. It's a meat grinder. The ratings are plummeting under this policy of daytime management and production. Fans of all ages are dropping in droves. They're not being replaced by new young fans. They're not being replaced by more of ME. These same useless latest "next big things," these new prospects are all starting to look the same, and none of them ever measure up to what they've taken the place of, and they're all failing and they're all going to continue to fail.

But it's not just the actors or the characters' faults, not at all. New characters are a fact of life on soaps. Change is a fact. Balance is the key. Actors like Alexa Havins or Jeff Branson or Renee Elise Goldsberry are not all that bad. Except the thing is, it's not just them, it's the productions themselves, who have abandoned all sense of balance in the ensemble or on the story canvas. It's the completely incompetent head writers who fail to give these new characters who might sometimes work any dimension or roots or layering, who throw out history and characterization and don't bother to take the time to write thoughtfully. It's the 'yes men' executive producers who spend all their time telling me why Dixie's death was an "emotional journey" or how Alan Quartermaine's passing is "storyline dictated." Okay, you guys can't pay for Genie Francis but Maurice Benard gets another raise while his latest love interest half his age once again fails. Okay, Emmy nominee Dan Gauthier has to go but ratings-killer Michael Easton is priceless. Sure. Whatever. It's not just the shows, either, Ms. Hinsey, it's you too. Because you folks in the soap magazines report it, but that's all you do: Report, and perhaps briefly editorialize, but ultimately, say nothing of actual journalistic value. Or, in your case, Ms. Hinsey, make an unctuous hypocrite of yourself.

In your recent column, you talk about how "some" older performers are refusing to go recurring when they are no longer seen as much as they used to and seem to be saying, essentially, that we can't fault the networks for removing these veterans when they no longer are "valuable" or "reasonable" in the eyes of the show, not necessarily the fans, and that we shouldn't complain if "one or two actors" aren't seen as much as we like. You invoke the name of Anna Lee from "General Hospital" as your example, whose case I've already addressed; she was 91 years old and "obviously frail," you reason, explaining away GH's conduct. And in the case of Phil Carey at "One Life to Live," he refused to go recurring and is now being written out, reportedly without an exit scene, despite playing the Buchanan family patriarch since the late '70s, and that seems to be okay with you. Likewise, ABC pulled a similar stunt a few years ago when John Ingle, the long-running second Edward Quartermaine at GH, left after being offered recurring and not a contract renewal. Now, surely you remember writing in your August 2004 column about how, and I am quoting verbatim from your text, "...I'm sure the GH brass knows full well by now what a colossal mistake it was to drop John Ingle (ex-Edward) to recurring in the arrogant belief that he had nowhere to go." And I sure don't remember you being happy about how GH treated Anna Lee at the time she was let go either, but now you seem to totally understand it! So now, I gotta ask you: Et tu, Carolyn? How was Mr. Ingle's refusal to take recurring so different from Mr. Carey's that you yourself might applaud one veteran's choice and - possibly, remember, we're not naming any names - dismiss another's? What's the difference? Did John Ingle just have the good business sense not to develop life-threatening cancer like Mr. Carey, or lose the use of his legs like his former leading lady? And how did ABC change your mind about what was done to Anna Lee? I'm sure we'd all love to hear this one.

Understand: Your opinion, and it is only yours and the network's, does not matter to me. Not only does it not matter to me, it is also increasingly clear that this perspective and this point of view is inherently flawed as a business model for ABC Daytime and all other daytime programming departments. The ratings bear that out. Audience feedback and turnout bear that out. Don't blame the O.J. trial, because I watched through O.J. Don't blame cable TV, it's been here a while. It's the shows, Ms. Hinsey. It's what's being done to the shows and the people on them, like Phil Carey, like Cady McClain, like Anna Lee, like Stuart Damon, like all the veterans still hanging on who are still being starved out, or as you say, "not being seen as much as you like." It's the shows. My inability to continue watching "All My Children," "General Hospital," and "One Life to Live" after over ten years, after growing up watching these worlds, these families, after immersing myself in these tapestries, bears that out. I can't do it anymore, Ms. Hinsey, because maybe you have the heart for it, but I don't. I can't watch them being hollowed out any longer, every last character, every last bit of heart and soul and memory being slowly scooped out and replaced with more new plastic, two dimensional replacements. I can't even laugh at it that much anymore, and that used to be my business here at "The Wreck Center." This practice is not good business, and furthermore, as a member of the prime 18-49 youth demographic, their struggle to find a reasonable, even-handed business model for their daytime programming is not my problem. But it is ABC Daytime's. Because I am the desired consumer, and so, when I am not happy, somebody pays: Them.

I am the youth demographic and I am not happy. I am the youth demographic and I can't watch anymore, because I hate it, and it's horribly written, and there's no balance in old and new, and I miss the veterans who are apparently too old for me to care about and the better stories which I supposedly shouldn't notice are gone. Now, if I was 40 or 50, if I was some poor woman whose opinion who is just as valid and golden as mine but who had the genetic misfortune of having been watching 1970 or 1965, you and Brian Frons might be telling right now, 'too bad, tough luck, time marches on, get over it, not our problem.' But I'm not 40, or 50, I'm not even 30, so it's not my problem. It's theirs. It's daytime's. And there's a lot of us, not just me, or my friend Darn, there's hundreds, there's thousands, and we're all unhappy, and we're all tuning out, more and more every day, every week, every month. We are unhappy because current daytime management now presumes to know us better than we know ourselves, they presume to know what we really want, that we can be, as Mr. Frons says, "trained" as an audience; they presume to know that these shows can last without their families, their histories, their roots, their tapestries. They're wrong. They don't know. We are the youth demographic, and we have had enough. No more breathless press releases. No more sweet little excuses like "storyline dictated" or "soaps are a business." We're the youth demographic, Ms. Hinsey, so we're more important than you, or Mr. Frons. You work for us, and that includes the soap press. We say what and who we want to watch. We've been saying it for several years now, except you folks seem to be deaf. You produce what we tell you. We'll let you know when we're ready for you to stop. Try starting now, instead of ever writing another cute little piece about how sometimes people we love have to be fired to pay for Miles the dog-faced boy on OLTL or another mob boss on GH.

This sad state of affairs appears to have become some sort of ridiculous power struggle between the existing unhappy daytime viewership and the management, which stubbornly refuses to admit its major mistakes and overall errors in judgement, and believes that we will eventually buckle and give way to some magical new youth viewership who will have no memory of the past. You have made it clear whose side of this debate you're on, Ms. Hinsey, and in doing so, I can only conclude that you and your column are disingenuous at best and fraudulent at worst. You are no longer the voice of the "average fan," speaking with candor and honesty on behalf of a silent majority out there watching from home. You don't speak for me, or the thousands of unhappy people of all ages, colors, and creeds tuning out. You no longer have any right to your column, your position, your status or your byline.

So, in conclusion, lady, it's like this: I'm younger and stronger than you. I appeal more to people ages 18-49. I want your job. Clean out your desk. Your departure is storyline dictated. This is a business.

...But then, It's Only My Opinion.


Jase of The Wreck Center


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Anonymous said...

Every line is just...I agree so much. I'm also under 30 and every time one of my soaps introduces a new (totally unconnected!) 20-something character (or, you know, 3 w/in months of each other), I want to scream.

I love this post.

Kaboom said...

I'm a tad over 30 and...your post fucking rocks, Jase. Every word, every sentiment, every point, is spot-on.

I gave up on all ABC soaps around the time Brenda sailed over the cliff with her mother on GH, and I'm seriously considering giving up the last soap I have hung onto: Y&R. Thank you for your post, Jase.

ForeverWild said...

That's a thing of truth and beauty, Jase. Every word of it. And then to end it with the Pushouts' Hall of Fame? Inspired. When I got to Phil Carey and yes, it's Lillian Hayman! - they brought a tear to my eye.

Take THAT, you idiot soap PTB and suckup soaprag writers who think the young don't give a damn about veterans and history.

Anonymous said...

I agree with every word. Except Dixie's horrible hair. Cady has the msot beautiful mane, I have ever seen. But I agree they fire talents like McClain, Irizarry, Damon and Barr but they keep those awful new actors on GH!

Promising Ingenue said...

This was like poetry. Better than poetry. Just brilliant. I could not possibly agree more.

youandmearelikethis said...

I read your thoughts all the time. I love them and I love you for this letter. It's everything I've felt for so long now. I've been watching soaps for close to 15 years and I don't care anymore. I wish I did. I want them back, but this crap they give us ain't worth it. Yay!for you! You rock!!! Fight TPTB

Anonymous said...

You pretty much killed your letter with the description in the first sentence, "silly soap blog." After that, nobody has any reason to pay attention to what you say. You're silly, after all. Then so must be your comments.

jase said...

The thing is, I don't have a problem being silly. I know what we do here is a goof. I photoshopped Evangeline into a picture of Daredevil, for God's sake. Darn has, like, eclairs hanging off of Nikki Newman (are they eclairs? I think so, anyway) . This isn't critical theory, it's not even "the Roush Report." It is what it is. And I haven't sent this to any publications and I really don't know if I will, if only because it's far fucking too long. Hinsey might die of organ failure before she finished reading it. But I wrote it for myself, and for anybody else who wanted to hear the sentiment. I don't really want the woman's job. Everyone knows daytime press is almost uniformly a joke and depending on who you ask, always has been.

Uh-oh, now "the Cincy Soap Hood" will be mad at me.

Anonymous said...

That? Was fucking awesome. I think you absolutely should send it to Hinsey. But tell her to get someone to help her comprehend it.

Dee said...


...There it is.

zarathelawyer said...


Layne Blacque said...

Preach on.

jase said...

Considering that this screed is now longer than most human pregnancies, the question remains do I actually send it out anywhere like I'd originally intended. It will never be read, it is too long and too rambling, and I really don't care. But I am weighing the possibility anyway.

marypickford said...

Great letter. Soaps are based on longevity, it's the one strength that no other genre can take away. And they make the most ridiculously shortsighted decisions. And when people tune out, it just makes them more desperate for the next quick fix. And the cycle continues. It makes me sick, and sad, to watch this genre dying before my eyes.

smartyshorts said...

Keep the sentiment...edit the big words and send it on. Spread the Truth.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if its any good cuz my eyes went all blurry after the first paragraph. Really cut it down to its essence. Then send it on.

Snarkmeister said...

BRA!VO! (standing ovation)

I'm 33, Female, and have LOTS of disposable income (are you listening, ABC Daytime?). I've been watching and loving AMC since the early 80's (my mother watched from day one, and I got hooked young). The show is nearly unrecognizable these days, and I've had just about enough. The answer to their plummeting ratings has been there all along, but they choose to ignore it. Just return to what soaps are GOOD at: showing family dynamics, respecting the history, having characters act and react IN CHARACTER...not based on some flimsy plot device. Take the soaps back to having characters drive the plots, rather than the other way around. And for god's sake, learn the effing history of the show and RESPECT it! (I'm looking at you, McTrash, who wrote that travesty of an unabortion storyline.)

Anonymous said...

I'm an NBC viewer - this letter is amazing! Send it on as is - I couldn't stop reading it.

Names could easily be interchanged for NBC - Slezak for Hall/Alfonso. Recasts with no substance, newbie characters no one cares about. It's a shambles, and yet they don't seem to care.

Anonymous said...

Edit it slightly...but send it on! That was awesome and it's far past time for someone to say it. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hey, great letter! Send it now! Bombard them with it!

I just wish you had mentioned Julia Barr ("Brooke" AMC) being let go after 30 years -and with no exit story whatsoever.

jase said...

Lest anyone think otherwise I CAN edit for length - I used to do it for journalism pieces and academic papers all the time. I'm just naturally a long-winded blowhard. I tried to cut this down and mostly failed. If it's sent it's never going to be read anyway, so I doubt I will really edit it again.

Oracle42 said...

Don't change a thing and send it fucking everywhere.

I'm so tired of this "it's a business bullshit". I'm tired of EPs patting themselves on the back for churning out a shitty product and congratulating themselves for fan loyalty that was won before they were ever hired - loyalty that's being worn down and worn out by their piss poor business practices.

I'm not watching these damn shows because of what's on my screen today - I'm hanging in there (just fucking barely) because of the things that I remember from 15 years ago when I started watching. I wasn't part of the "valuable demographic" then. I am now but now I can't be bothered to watch most of the time. I've been driven away from ABC by Fron's "training" and the ABCification of CBS has convinced me to tune out there as well.

All of this is just my long winded, ineloquent way of saying that I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

I think it's perfection just as it is. There isn't a single line I would change.

Unfortunately MY opinion doesn't matter since I'm on the upper side of 40. So I beg you to send this. Someone needs to let these morons know that soap viewers have reached their breaking point and, in the words of Twisted Sister, "We're not gonna take it anymore..."

Thanks for creating such a masterpiece.

jase said...

I got a long list of people to email it to elsewhere but honestly some of these people and places will have no idea what the fuck it is. I think I'll try the rags. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

You. Are. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Please send this to Carolyn Hinsey.

She is nothing but a shill for the networks (especially ABC), the cluelessly stupid opportunistic George Bush of soap journalism, an embarrassment to professional writing and an insult to the soap viewers who read the soap press for something more than a rubber stamp of Brian Frons.

Anonymous said...

A great letter. Send it, send it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jase. It makes me want to cry! You're so right. (I am an only AMC perosn, bi=ut I used to be an all ABCD person.)

Carolyn will not be able to reply directly to you in public, however. Mimi Torchin actually spoke her mind in"Speaking My Mind" but see what happened to her?! kerplooey. Hinsey needs her job and she'll play ball after that blatant warning.

Can't say as I blame her. The soap rags are probably worse than the shows in that way - and that is saying a lot.

Anonymous said...


I am completely in awe of you and your incredibly well thought-out letter. How thrilling to have such a combination: correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax all gathered together with clear, edgy intelligence! Quite the best thing I've read on the web in AGES. That there are people like you around actually gives me hope.

TPTB are vastly disinterested in MY opinion, as I am past their "target demographic" age. But most folks in your age group with whom I've discussed this topic seem to feel as you do, that "kids don't watch soaps for kids". That world is known to them; they're watching to see what they can learn about an ADULT world. I started watching as a kid myself, and was fascinated by the people who were my parents' ages and older.

This letter should go to ALL the rags, and every single network executive in the food chain, up to and including Frons' boss, Anne Sweeney. My fantasy would be for us all to kick in and buy space in SOW to print it.

I'm sure I speak for many viewers my age when I say that we would gladly pass the soap-lovers' torch to a new generation, as long as you and your kind are in its vanguard!

jase said...

I really haven't decided how and when I'll send it.

I know it will never be read for length reasons if nothing else. I wrote it for myself, but I was going to send it to Hinsey just for kicks. As for sending it to others, I don't know. I mean, I don't want to come off as the Unabomber.

Anonymous said...

You never know what good it could do. So send it everywhere. Someone will take note.

-C said...

Oh. My. God.
An SZ poster linked to your blog and may I say Jase, you are my new god. I bow before you and know I will reference your commendable butt-kicking of Carolyn Hinsey in next week's column. OUTSTANDING.

Luke said...


This is one of the best read's I've had in a long time. It sums up what I was thinking perfectly. I have a podcast called Daytime Confidential that I cohost with my friend Lisa and we were planning on discussing this very topic when we record this weekend because both of us are upset at Carolyn's audacity. We will definately give you a shoutout in the podcast and encourage people to visit your blog and read it.

To have Carolyn, who is claims to be a journalist and who turns up her nose at "tabloid" behavior, basically sell out to the networks is just wrong. Of all the people outside of the three big networks she should be calling for and proposing new ways to save the industry, not feeding us their official line.



Ornithophobe said...

You know, I might renew my long-dead subscription to their craptastic little magazine if they DID hire you to replace Hinsey.

This letter is fantastic, and spot-on. Mail that sucker out snailmail, pronto.

jase said...

Oh, Christ, I can barely even snailmail bills. I think I should probably email it, I feel stupid about sending it to all these address blind though.

Madelyn said...

I'm 24, I grew up on soaps like Days of Our Lives and Another World, and I watched for John and Marlena, Jake and Vicky. I watched General Hospital for Jax and Brenda and excitement and fun locations, not Sonny falling down a freaking staircase in yet another gunfight. I watched One Life to Live for Todd and Blair, quite possibly the most decimated couple in soap history. I watched All My Children for Erica and David, Guiding Light for Reva and Richard, and I couldn't tell you a single pairing my age that I was ever enthralled with.

So with you; awesome letter.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way - it certainly can't hurt!!! Send it - you are voicing the sentiments of thousands of soap fans. Good job, I, personally, would prefer editing for profanity but other than that - send it. If you are going to email it make sure there's a link to the comments that have been posted here so TPTB understand that your letter has hit a chord.

jase said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jase said...

OH LAWS. So I sent out my crazy Unabomber letter, and boy am I glad I edited that list of addys I got from another poster to send it to - half of them bounced!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you sent it!! And once again, it was amazing!! I just wanna hug you! :)

Anonymous said...

So speaks the voice of the young. Like you, I have been a viewer of GH since the days of Stone and Robin. I am now a 26 year old female that plans on tuning out as soon as Robin and Patrick disappear off into Happily Ever After. It has been over three years since I have been able to watch a full episode of GH. I am totally disgusted by the criminal worship and the portrayal of women as dependent, whining whores. Why would Frons and TPTB presume to think that I would want to watch selfish, scheming liars be rewarded again and again. What happened to stories about people who work hard and overcome hardships? That is what I want to watch because that is who I am. I am a full-time student and full-time employ that wants to watch a show that portrays those qualities that I value. I want to watch a show where true heroes and heroines are rewarded for their perseverance and criminals are put behind bars for their acts. Get a clue Soap Nazis and give us what we really want.

Melissa said...

To quote my friend Meatloaf,you took the words right out of my mouth.Except that I'm 50 :)This is the first time I've read your blog but it won't be my last. Thanks I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

To say frakkin' BRILLIANT would be such an understatement. I wish like hell that someone would explain how much sense this makes. It'll take years to fix the ABCD situation, sadly, all I see is them getting dumped onto SoapNet because of "ratings". Whatever, if that is what it takes to give them back a space where they can thrive again, so be it.

I'm so in love with your post that I want to impregnate it, then shoot it while it gives birth to my child.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jase - I'm 24 years old, and I couldn't agree with your post any more if I tried. I've watched the ABC soaps since 1993 (summers and sick days before then going back to 1991), but now I've given up on GH (killing Alan Q is utterly unforgiveable), I can barely stomach OLTL (what happened?) and as soon as Jeffrey Carlson is off AMC, I'm done with that one too.

I will admit that there have been teen/younger storylines I found interesting back in the day: Stone & Robin, Hayley Vaughn, Noah & Julia, Erin Torpey's Jessica & Yorlin Madera's Cristian come to mind. But the teens I've liked have always, ALWAYS been far outnumbered by the "grownups": Brooke, Dr. David, Trevor Dillon, Edmund Grey, Max Holden, Andrew Carpenter, Gabrielle, the Quartermaines, Bobbie, Tony, Luke & Laura, Mac, Felicia, Kevin Collins, Lucy Coe, need I go on? It'd be a damn long list if I rattled off every great character over 40 who has followed Bobby Martin into the attic and disappeared.

Please don't think your letter won't be read. There are a LOT more people like you and me out there than there are like Carolyn Hinsey and Brian Frons. Daytime is a dying genre - but it DOESN'T HAVE TO BE. In fact, it wasn't until the brain trust got hold of it. If more people like you speak out... who knows what we can do? After all, we are golden.

Thanks again,

Hazel said...

Well done! Thank you for the thoughtful, spot-on analysis of the real problem with soaps and soap "journalists". It's about time someone called the whole damn lot of them onto the carpet for their aggressive stupidity.

Anonymous said...

You need to send this letter to everyone. I am 31 and apart of the golden demographic..everything you wrote was the God's honest truth.
Bravo *clapping*

Candi said...

You are my hero. I am new to The Wreck Room, but I have added this blog to my favorites.

And if you *don't* send this letter to Carolyn Hinsey (and Brian Frons, and Ann Sweeney), so help me God, I will! I was very disappointed in Ms Hinsey's "come to Jesus meeting" column (I normally enjoy her comments very much); I was so stunned, in fact, that I could not compose a coherent response - then I found yours. It's nothing short of brilliant. Bravo.

FWIW - I'm 40.

Best wishes,
a Noah Drake fan

dan e. said...

You have said exactly what I am thinking and have been thinking for years. I am 49 and my opinion will only "matter" for a few more months, but I swear I have been wishing Erika Slezak would leave OLTL so I can turn off the show and never watch again with a clear conscience. My loyalty to her is all that has kept me hanging on for quite some time now.

And I'd like to point out that when you said

"This sad state of affairs appears to have become some sort of ridiculous power struggle between the existing unhappy daytime viewership and the management, which stubbornly refuses to admit its major mistakes and overall errors in judgement, and believes that we will eventually buckle and give way to some magical new youth viewership who will have no memory of the past."

it was like you were describing our current president of the U.S. He has managed to turn this whole country into a nation of people at the top who don't give a crap what anyone else thinks because they are all too stupid to know what's good for them. It pisses me off!

J. Bernard Jones said...

I have to say, Jase, you've written one of the most impassioned, articulate, mostly spot on but ultimately wrongheaded pieces of soap commentary I have ever read.

Most entertaining, though.

amy said...

Jase, this was amazing. I am a 29 year old female, and you really wrote the truth about what happened to daytime television. Kudos to you. I hope if enough of us make a fuss, change will happen. I've been watching AMC intermittently since I was quite young. I have never been so disappointed in it since they let "Brooke" go without a mention, and killed off "Dixie" the following week. A horrible way to treat these talented vetrans.

Amy Guskin said...

Well said, all of it. I'm 44, and have been watching All My Children since I was in my teens, and the reason I love Palmer, Brooke, Myrtle, Adam, etc. etc. NOW, is because I loved them THEN. I can't remember the name of half the teens who have come and gone, but the stories of Palmer keeping Cliff and Nina apart, Adam gaslighting Dixie, Adam and Brooke, Adam and Erica, David and Erica, Daisy and Sean, Palmer siccing the dobermans on Daisy...those are my happy memories. Sure, I loved Jenny, Greg and Jesse, too, but as you say, they were the exception to the usual craptacular summer teen storyline. And it isn't just the age thing, as you point out -- it's the stories themselves. We starve emotionally as the screen is fully bloated with the morally-dubious Carey clan and the pushy Laverys, while all-too infrequent moments between Zach and Myrtle, Jack and Barbara, Kendall and Zach, Erica and her daughters...those are the tiny morsels that sustain us. Sadly, I can't even include the long-beloved Tad in that list, because who can watch him anymore, now that his character has been thoroughly assassinated by McTavish's reign of terror?? If daytime soaps aren't already dead, they will be soon. It's very, very sad.

Glennia said...

Brilliant! I totally agree with you, even though I'm well over 40.

grinaldi said...

Effiing brilliant, dude.

I'm 32 and have been watch ABC Daytime literally all of my life. Me earliest memory (and I mean pretty much ever here) is of Erica and Tom on their Caribbean honeymoon. And right now, for the first time in my life, I am not watching a single soap opera. At one point in college, I was watching SEVEN. And now, not a one.

But the ABC shows were my special favorites. And all of them are lower than I have ever seen them (and I lived through Eterna, The Eckerts and McTavish's first run at AMC). Guza rapes and tortures history as if he were taking orders from the Bush Administration and Rick Webber and Scott Baldwin were suspected Al Qaeda. Dina Higley, too, with the added joy of being completely tone-deaf when it comes to plotting and dialogue. And McTavish. Well, you know how I feel about that crazy, heretofore unmentioned sister fetishist. And the EPs are, too a man, morons. You didn't make a single mistake, Frank? In a whole year? David Chase or Joss Whedon would give you ten things they did wrong in a particular season and their shows are/were actually coherent.

These people have forgotten how to write soaps. All they know how to write are press releases. The Zarf story was groundbreaking and daring, so ABC told me themselves. But, Megan, if you were so happy about this story, why did you name the character in such a way as to make sure the shipper name for Bianca and Zoe was Barf?

As fans, we need a revolution. And Jase, I nominate you to be our Thomas Jefferson. We need to get this out there. But instead of just e-mailing it to people, here's an idea. Let's start a collection (I'm in for at least $20) to buy a full page ad in Variety. If enough of us in the internet community pulled together, we could put this, or something like it, in a place where everyone will see it, including the people who pay Frons' and all the rest their salaries.

Keep fighting!

jase said...

Grinaldi likes me!

On another note, I think I saw Sam Rappaport (Laurence Lau) on the subway in Harlem last night. Still looking for an apt, PLEASE GOD ANY APARTMENT. I will settle for this place in Bay Ridge if I have to...if I can.

Sam Ford said...

Jase, some of the issues you raise are the focus of the research I've been conducting on soaps as an industry. I've written a blog post in response to your letter here.

That has some links to my work there, but I recently finished my Master's thesis on the current state and future of the soaps industry and have been sharing it with soaps fans on several fan community sites. If you or any of your readers would be interested in reading it, you can e-mail me at samford@mit.edu. In partciular, I look at the importance of long-term planning, the dangers of quick-fixes, the importance of a transgenerational narrative, and the danger of focusing on niche target demographics that do not value male viewers or women outside of 18-49.

topaze59 said...

this, as it was already said, is a thing of beauty. I've already posted a link to this on my favorite soap board and I hope all soap fans get to read this.

I love GH, but what tiic have done to my favorite characters is beyond shameful. The bias, the agendas are all too painfully obvious and the show is suffering a long drawn out painful death at this poing. There is no more sense of history - they change it at the drop of the dime... and families? What families? Where are the Spencers, The Quartermaines, the Cassadines, the Scorpios? Where are the friendships and the relationships?
All sacrificed on the Mob altar.
Somebody needs to get a clue. Or better yet, they need to read this blog. Well done!

Anonymous said...

jase ~ reading your letter made me cry. Actually made me cry!! All too true and far too tragic. I also am of "the gold demagraphic". I want to c&p your letter and send it to every head of Daytime programming, etc! I hope you did!!

Anonymous said...

Simply outstanding, Jase! Bravo. Also interchangeable with CBS. Hinsey is so far up her pet's butts, like Zimmer, she forgets who is really watching these shows. Her arrogance is disgusting. I'm 52 with a lot of disposable income and I just turned off GL after 39 years. I can't waste my time on such dribble. Keep going, I love your observations.

Alyse said...

Jase I think you're brilliant, and this is a sentiment my best friend Amanda and I have wanted to share for a while. My question to you is, how do we save our ABC soaps? How do we get idiots like Brian Frons to listen? It sickens me that the poor, crap written by Bob Guza (the man I hold responsible for GH's demise)has become more of an institution at that soap than its veterans. Five minutes a week of Monica, Bobbie, and Alan is not nearly enough, but nobody seems to get that. Send your letter to every "higher power" at ABC. Send it to every actor. Maybe just maybe it will make even the slightest impact. You guys are awesome...


Jersey Girl said...

Add another to the list: Sabine Singh. Read here if you want what sounds like a very plausible truth. Ouch.

Liz said...

I'm unbelivably late finding this, but I had to post and tell you -- it's brilliant. It's exactly what I'm screaming at the television when sitting through OLTL hoping for a glimpse of Viki and Dorian, and what I'm yelling at TiVo when I try to watch All My Children and Erica Kane doesn't even show up in the damn episode.

Huge, huge, huge props and hugs to you for this great piece. I only hope someone will listen.

Anonymous said...

Your post is awesome. I would LOVE to contribute to a fund to get it published in Variety or any other media. I am 39, so in the demographic still (though not the prime one) and started watching GH, OLTL and AMC back in 1978. I started watching because my neighbor's grandmother watched it and it was on when I went over. My sisters and I, at the ages of 9, 11 and 13 all got into it and remained watchers through our 20s. I was the last hold out, just recently stopped watching after the hatchet job they did on the Scorpio family history (although Nightshift is trying to fix that now). I will not tune in again until Guza is gone and they begin showing respect to the vets. Even when I was young I still enjoyed Jessie and Dan, Steve and Audrey, and of course the Leslie/Rick/Monica/Alan quadrangle. I loved the adventure stories of the 80s. I'm sick of hearing the mob has always been a part of GH, because it isn't true. GH has had the mob on and off, but the mobsters were always supporting characters and ALWAYS BAD GUYS. The leads, the heroes, were the cops and the spies. They were the good guys and they stopped the mob. And nobody thought the mobsters were really good men. GAH! GH sucks now.
Anyway, if you start that fund for the ad, I'm in.

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful human being. Your doctrine rivals Martin Luther's at Wittenberg and should be published as the Soap Genre Reformation of 2008. I humbly offer my platinum card up to your fund should you choose to start one.
I too am of the golden demographic who was weaned on soaps and would give a considerable amount of my six figure salary to banish the likes of Steve Burton and his ilk to said dinner theater. Viva la revolution.

jase said...

Wow, six figures. Can I borrow $500?

In light of the current Carolyn Hinsey brouhaha, I have considered doing a new post about her. But having never dealt with her personally like these poor SOD staffers, I wouldn't know what to say. Their venom is so much more potent than anything I could write.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.

TT said...

Jase, I'm a retired stagehand.Worked on the soaps for 31yrs.from Dark Shadows when we did the soap Live--through a dozen other soaps-- up until my retirement in"04 from AMC.I became a fan of AMC and ATWT in my retirement--but sadly watched as I witnessed the erosion of the "family nucleus" which led to the scatterbrained writing--the demise of the Veteran actors (some of whom even told me it was because of "budget dictates, and the other b.s. babble they give ya."In the business" it's known that Frons is to blame for ALL that you have brought to light in your most informative--"right on" open letter. Ms.Hinsey just writes what she writes---to keep her job. They fired her two years ago--and brought her back a short while later, I guess after having gone through a revamping of "her opinion." Keep that insight of yours just as sharp as it is. Sad to say--Reality shows, and Game shows are waiting in the wings--just as soon as the once-"Golden Goose"---the Soap Opera--finally dies. This too---is the feeling throughout, "the business"and again we can thank Mr. Frons, and those of his cronnies, for taking the Show-out of Show Business.

Anonymous said...

I want to know exactly what Mercedes can do about this!

Anonymous said...

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