Apr 12, 2007

Y&R - Thursday - Blogging Live

12:30 : Ooooh, Jackie's mad, he's making the "Fffffffff [uck me, ohmygod, life is crazy! CRA-ZEE!]" face.

12:33 : Michael just said "odious piece of garbage" and Amber wasn't even in the room! But it was in reference to her stupidity so points to Mikey (you bastard).

12:35 : Didn't Daniel drop Neil off at home yesterday? I'm pretty sure he did. Yeah, he did. So now Neil is missing and "never even went home last night.". Alright, fine, whatever.

12:39 : Who knew whiskey could make you grow balls? Good on you, Neil. You look like shit by the way, thanks for committing Kristoff.


Okay, this is good, I can't make fun. I'm all engaged and stuff.

12:43 : Michael talking to Amber like she's stupid (which she so is) just became the highlight of my life.

Shouldn't Kevin be at work? And why are you not dead yet, Gloria? Stop being so damn selfish.

12:48 : Gloria: I want to make him aware of some of my..."finer attributes".
What, like your tits? Yeah, I went there and now I regret it. My apologies.

12:50 : I'm engaged again, don't mind me.

And then ThatPersonThing enters the scene and I remember what I'm watching. Great.

12:57 : Alcohol doesn't make you inhumane. It draws out something that's already inside you. Katherine. You stole Jill's baby because you hated her, not because of "demons".

And Jill is justified in her hatred of Kay. I wish she'd hate her a little more.

Amber just glossed over a lot of shit. You don't go from "I lost a baby and raised my cousin's baby." to "And he was taken from me." not when A LOT OF SHIT happened inbetween. Like you passing off the kid as your own. And hooking up with the bio dad. And not telling you cousin she was dying of cancer. And about a million other things you did, Amber.

1:06 : Holy shit, Amber. Inappropriate! But Daniel doesn't seem to mind. Or act effected at all by Dru's death.

Did or did not Kevin just decide to stop spying on the Jabot boardroom? This show can't even be consistent within the hour.

1:10 : Victor needs a haircut.

I like that Neil is crushed without Dru. Because really, who is he without Dru? Fast forwardable that's what. Except for now.

1:15 : Amber shutting down her website doesn't remove it from history. People have downloaded videos of you doing...whatever it is you did to yourself. Or have let done to you. So there's evidence and you just wasted your time. Silly ho, tricks are for...you.

I like Ji Min but seriously, you're Jack's employee, do your fucking job.

1: 22 : Oh man, Amber's videos would be magic if they were straight parodies Brenda Dickson's "Welcome to My Home".

Amber: Do you like these shoes? I call them Fuck Me Pumps, everyone in the land of Hollywood has a pair.

1:23 : The Baldwin/Fishers can't die soon enough. I hate them ALMOST as much as I hate the Carey hos on All My Children.

1:27 : Neil is so gangsta. He drinks his liquor from coffee cups. I'm serious, I like that. I don't know why.


Kaboom said...

Darn, you MUST blog live more often. It makes me want to rush home faster than I usually do in order to watch what you just blogged about.

GloBag and Kevin need to seriously internally combust and just die already. Hopefully they'll be in the vicinity of William and * and take them out as well.

Darn said...

Thanks, Kaboom. Watching live is actually the utmost in torture but for you? Anything. :)

Anonymous said...

Smartyshorts: (I dunno, freaking thing won't let me log in with my username)

I just finished watching all this week's episodes. Took me like an hour and a half.

All the Fabu is just...gone from my show.
Oh well, I got to see Ji Min and Jill bring some steamy hotness, I guess that's something.

Am I supposed to care about Kevin dressed up in his Big Boy suit? Or Nikki doing something crazy with the crazy hair and the bitchface? We got flashbacks to conversations that happened in the LAST SCENE! And we couldn't get a million gazillion flashbacks of Dru? Everytime someone said something about her, I was waiting for the whoosh into fuzzy tinted flashback, but...nothing. NOTHING. I know TPTB must be pissed about her leaving, but they're taking it out on US!
That shit aint right. Shame on you Y&R, shame on you.