Apr 4, 2007

Y&R - Lateness

I was thinking today about the number of times I've said "I hate this show.", "I hope this show dies right effin' now!", "I hope this show has a long and painful death." and "Fuck this show! I'm outta here!" (you'd be surprised the number of times I've said variations of these phrases over the past year...or not. Probably not.) but I was thinking, which is dangerous to be quite honest. Anyway, I was thinking, you don't ever stop watching your show, you start loving it less. It's not one event that makes you go "I'm done. DONE!", it's a series of events over a long period of time. And with soaps you give chances because quality fluctuates, stories go in and out. The problem is when you find you don't care at all. And I am extremely close to that point. I might actually be there.

Let's look at the stories we have going:

Jack and Nikki's race to the senate: Neither of them should be running, logically it doesn't make sense. And yes, it's a soap opera but Nikki is a former stripper, that's not being amongst "regular folks". Newsflash, even regular folks look down on strippers. Especially ones that married above their social class. And Jack, man of a million wives (one of which is his the woman he's running against). Jack would have been an ideal candidate...30 years ago.

Colleen and Korbel: Please.

And it's all about the Hellbel, anyways. What. What.

Daniel's porn addiction: Yeah, no, what? He watches porn for about 3 weeks and this causes him to fail one class and get an incomplete in another? What was he doing the other 2-3 months? Sucking his thumb?

Sharon and Brad's oddly asexual sexual attraction: Why don't you just fuck a toaster, Sharon? I bet you it'd get you there before Brad.

Phyllis Like Totally Hates Lauren (and sometimes Michael too): Get over it. Did I miss Lauren's reaction to finally ridding herself of her mortal enemy? Oh, I didn't? It just never really happened, huh? It was about Phyllis her immaturity, wasn't it? O. I. C. Believe me, I understand her anger, it's not unnatural. What it is is petty and off-base. Just tell them how you feel, this middle school stuff just makes you look silly.

The Demolition of the Winters: Yeah, who's watching for Neil, Devon and ThatPersonThing? Not me. It's like the Newmans without Victor, just Nikki and her dumpy children. Or the Baldwin-Fishers without Lauren, just a bunch of crazy people talking crazy about crazy crazy. Or the Abbots without Joh--oh, wait.

And there's some other stuff with AMBER, katherine, jill and her maybe son cane.

But who cares about that really?

It's weird hanging onto a show based solely on past appreciation. I love these characters. Most of them. But they are so warped to fit lames stories that my ability to care is just shot. It's expelled. Run out. Not here no mo'.


Kaboom said...

Not here no mo'. Heh. Just like mine.

You pretty much captured my feelings about Y&R in this post, Darn. I'm watching out of habit right now, I just don't care anymore. Whatev.

Demig said...

Ya said it Darn! I am at that point I was a few years ago, when I just stopped watching, took a hiatus for about 10 years. I fear this time when I leave, I won't be back.

fourfins said...

It always seems that Mama Fourfins and I take a break from Y&R every couple years but find our way back out of curiousity. I think that is the only way we have kept watching for over 20 years. And we're both considering that break right now. You aren't alone, Sweet Darn ...

ashleyb said...

I'm bored with some of the storylines, so I FF past them. However, I have to say that Dru and Sharon going over the cliff was an example of a Y&R signature that I like--the outoftheblue Midweek Major Plot Event. They don't even hint at it, much less tease the shit out of it in promos. Plus, they don't feel like they have to wait until a Friday for something to happen! I hate that! There are some shows that I don't even watch except for Thursdays and Fridays. Mondays and Tuesdays are just a waste.

Plus, I thought it was an interesting twist to turn the tables on Phyllis while she was still basking in the glow of her self-righteousness. Who's going to be looking for a little forgiveness now?

I've watched this show for 25 years. I just don't think right now is the worst it's been. I would hate to see you stop blogging about it.

smartyshorts said...

babyDaddy you're too right. i watch out of habit now, and to make sure i leave plenty of memory space on my DVR for American idol and the amazing race.
There's nothing that's really drawing me in, no story line where i care what happpens next. i atch now to make sure i have something snarky to say when i post, but that's about it.

VR's 'fall" into the "river" was just foolishness. We had better special effects for my High School's Morning News show. Go Knights!!

Dee said...

Pretty much.