Apr 26, 2007

1973 - 2005
~Rest In Peace~


smartyshorts said...

ok. Moment of silence over. 'Splain yerself.
I know the ol' Gray Mare, Ain't what she used to be. But, Dead? gone?

Cat said...

Yes, please do not leave us in suspense. What was the straw that broke the camel's back? Was it Phyllis begging holier-than-thou Nick for forgiveness? Victoria letting Brad's general sh*ttiness pass "for the sake of the bay-beeee"? FauxLily failing to convince that she is actually devastated about her mother's death?

On the upside, Jack just about owns every scene he's in. Even with the mini-swoop -- Roaawwlll.

elisabeth said...

Aw, man! I'll miss this blog. I guess it burned too bright not to fade away. I'll always treasure the Sharon/Phyllis visual aids!

crc said...

Poor Y&R. It never had a chance once Bobble-head (post JVA)rode into town with that dress that killed a million dalmations. Speaking of which, has that witch-with-a-capital-B paid for that tainted skin cream stunt yet?