Dec 20, 2006

Y&R - Tuesday - High On Life

So it's just after 6 AM, I haven't slept yet and I'm a little high on fat free hard candy! Woo! This is me living dangerously. I think next I'll use some non-dairy creamer.

Hey, Colleen, just so you know, God totally isn't judging. Or Moses. Or Jesus. Or...rabbis? Yeah, totally not judging you for sexing up your professor on school grounds. Probably sacred grounds. At one time. For the Native Americans. (Which Brad could be, you never know) Or for the pre-marital marathon sex. Or cheating on your boyfriend.


When Korbel was going on about Colleen being a statue or whatever, I was actually waiting for him to refer to her as Rubenesque so we could re-address that dangling eating disorder plotline.

This is entitled: I'm Not Fat, I'm Just Big Boned, It Runs In My Family, You Should See My Mom

I love that Lily's ACTUAL DIALOGUE is "Daniel, Daniel, are you okay?! No, don't say anything!" She's said a variation of that at least 20 times the past 2 days. Let's ignore Christel Khalil's abysmal and truly embarassing performance for a moment (I know it's hard but bear with me), these lines were actually scripted. Some sat down and typed those lines. They thought to themselves "Hmmm, I'll have Lily ask Daniel how he's doing. Then have her tell him to keep quiet. Oh, that's jolly good fun, let me do it 15 more times."

I honestly appreciate that most of the cast is being accounted for during this "event" or whatever you want to call it. I've seen other soap "events" and those made a choice to focus on a select group of characters and virtually ignore the rest of the cast, I suppose for the sake of streamlining things into a manageable tale. But they're managing to juggle things fairly well. Color me pleasantly surprised.

I don't understand how a man who's so loving and tender towards the ex who broke his heart can be painted as a villain. S'okay, Jackieboy, I got your back. Peter Bergman for teh win! Yes, "teh", I'm internet hip. So emo. He is too!

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See? Kindred Spirits.

Here is literally 53 seconds of your life you will never, ever get back and for that? I'm sorry. The end is a bit long but I just couldn't stop laughing at the hand movements.


Kaboom said...

Darn, you continue to amaze with your videos. Who knew Kay could be so hip? Three cheers for insomnia and candy!

I'm seeing the J/P magic again. And I think I like it. Phylick who?

Who else thinks Colleen's supposed extra pounds will melt away with more of those marathon sex sessions? All I could think of was: how in the hell is JT not smelling the we-just-totally-did-it aroma??

me said...


Oh my gosh love the pic of Coleen. LOL She is such the little hussie! She doesn't love gay t. Oh please. I don't think Corbel will let her boss him around! They will fight even more and make mad statue love.

crc said...

LOL @ the picture of Colleen and the Peter Bergman/Pete Wentz mash-up.

That video was fun, too. Someone could do one solely on Jeanne Cooper. She's really expressive with her hands. But what was Christian LeBlanc doing? Did he wanna slap a GloHo or did she cut the cheese? LOL!

Regarding *, perhaps someone on the writing staff is just as annoyed with her as the rest of us. I hope she continues to get crappy dialogue until caves in and want to leave the show again for "bigger and better." Tee hee!

Darn said...


Glad you guys enjoyed my bits of insanity. I'm not exactly timely but the crazy makes up for it, right?

Anonymous said...

I thought the exact same thing kaboom, doesn't he SCHMELL her....LOL Good Times!