Dec 27, 2006

Y&R - Wednesday - What Are You? New? Man.

"Comehere! I amtalkingtoyouchambermaid! Wash my FEET! Brushmyhair! SOFTLY! Singmeasong! Somethingpopopera-ish! Suckmypenis! SOFTLY! Ohohohohoahahahah!"

Victor slouching in his favorite chair, belly protruding, hand to chin and "Hmmm"-ing and "Ahhhh"-ing to every single thing that Brad, Clack and Rebecca had to say pretty much cemented his place as the Grand Poobah of Genoa City. Sure, they didn't want to tell all, they had to tell all or guess what? Victor wouldn't like them anymore. And that would be a tragedy.

I especially enjoyed his lightbulb moment, "So it was my investigation into your past that almost got you murdered? Interesting." Could he be a bigger dick?

This show is being written like it's brand new. Like these people just met 6 months ago and are getting to just now know each other. People sitting around claiming Jack is capable of murder? Yes, he certainly is, who isn't but the reason would have to be a good, great, superior one. If they expect anyone to buy that Jack would murder Carmen because she found he owns his own fucking company is monumentally stupid. That Michael considers him a viable suspect without question just makes my head throb. That Ashley, morally superior Ashley (call me when Jack steals a woman's eggs, k, Ash?) acting like Jack was literally sent forth from Hell to torment her Throb, throb, throb.

SPEAKING OF BRAND NEW, COULD COLLEEN BE ANY NEWER? I know 9-year-olds more mature than her.

Seriously, Rolie Polie Olie, you're making Lily seem like member of MENSA. One of the lesser known and therefore inferior but still.

Johanna's gone and Gloria's still here, draped in animal skin and feeding on the lifeblood of the living, could LML hate me anymore? It's like I ask for Caesar salad and she gives me a hamhock. I ask for fine wine and she serves me piss. What I want I don't get, what I don't want I get more of.

BTW I, like some sort of Colleen, completely forgot that when I switched to bloggerbeta my mailing list thing disappeared so if you want you can still sign up for it (I'll work on making it look prettier, it's off-center now).

And tell me what you think of the banner. That's not permenant, I'm gonna try to change it up. *crosses fingers*

EDIT: OH YEAH, SEE DREAMGIRLS! It's fan-fucking-tastic. Jennifer Hudson will kill you. And break your heart. And kill you again.


Steph said...

I saw Dreamgirls last night. It was good. Some kind of clone of American Idol and Porgy and Bess. What a cool insight into the shallow, but necessary, music business.

I don't like the banner - kinda scary for me. But I am a gentle bird.

SOO true and funny about Colleen's text messages. I kept wondering why she didn't get in trouble while her customers needed vodka.

I ff'd through all the other scenes yesterday. Victor with the Vicky posse was just boring. They acted like they had gotten in trouble at school and were sent to the principal's office!

Kaboom said...

OG Fantastic Four? Awesome. :0)

I found all the scenes with All Hail the Grambo yesterday disgusting. I FF'd them. Them and Dumbass Colleen fretting over text messages.

Joanna did get a couple good zingers in at the GloBag before unceremoniously leaving. I cannot fucking believe that that animal printed THING is still the focus of Y&R and the only character that didn't kiss her ass only stayed for a few days. GRRRRRRRRRRR

crc said...

LOL! You speaks nothing but the truths. I've noticed how everyone has been talking about each other like they barely know them, especially with the Charmin murder mystery (At this point, she could have gone the way of Toilet Tisha for all I care... if you know some Outkast, you'll get that).

Or, they'll talk as if they DO know them when they don't. Like yesterday, Jill was saying something about Devon. Something about people trusting him because he's pretty. I'm like "Say what?" Is Jill that hard up for some lovin that she feels the need to kiss Will Stiffwell's arse?

Darn, I think your banner is awesome, you can put up a bunch of animated dancing Glorias up there and I wouldn't hate on ya. Well, I might take you off my cool list... ;)

smartyshorts said...

I wish I knew what you were talking about Darn, my onetruelove. But whenever I see Beorge talking I either change the channel or FF'd. At this point I don't want to hear anything ANYTHING he has to say. Wake me up if he finds out about Hecuba's involvement in the tainting of the Cream(drink!)
Happy New Year, Darn. and thanks for all that you do!

Ashleyb said...

taptaptap. OK, you must be in a coma or something to have not yet blogged about the debut of Pheila and her kidnapper! Isn't that the same basement cell Victor used in the 80s? I sit here anxiously awaiting your wit . . .

Kaboom said...

Happy (early) New Year, everyone! Keep the snark comin', my lovelies. All hail Darn!

Darn said...

I'll have something up tonight, MUST touch on this Phelia (Feelya? No, no, I'm not) nonsense.