Dec 11, 2006

Y&R - Monday - Love to Love Ya

Neil and Dru, keepin' it real and deadsexy in '07

How nice to see them acting like mature adults who have lived life and know it exists or ups and downs. Not Neil being a petulant brat or Dru being a shrieking banshee. Will it last? Do I think it'll last? Probably not but a married couple reuniting and rolling around in bed being all sleepy and sexy as fuck? Hell Yes, Y&R.

Hell to the Yes.

Jill and Katherine ARE mother and daughter. Snores. Love you girls but do something anytime you want, 'kay? Though props to Jill for getting hit on by a younger man. That Vincent guy is kinda weird though, maybe he killed whatsherwhore.

Hey Nick, your wife is eleventy months pregnant, maybe you shouldn't be living it up with your sister on the tackiest set this side of the Genoa City Athletic Club Rooftop Bar and Grill.

If Colleen was married to the mafia she'd be dead by now. Can JT take a shit without her asking for the consistency and shape?

JT: About 3 inches, greenish-brown, bits of rice. You know, the usual.
Colleen: Thanks, JT! I'm putting it in my journal!

Dear Journal,

JT took a dump today! I am so happy for him, it shows a true commitment to our love that he felt free enough to have a bowel movement with me watching! But oh no, Journal, I just had a thought, he didn't tell me the density! I'm sick of all these lies, Journal, how can I know our relationship is healthy if I don't know these aspects of his life! All of his lies are RUINING US! OMG, Journal, if I don't get his urine sample tonight I am TOTALLY gonna jump off the roof.

JT and Colleen and AMBER and Professor Korbore, whatever the fuck his name is, who cares? Here's the thing, Colleen is practically new herself, ProfessorChildMolester is new as is Amber (B&B nonwithstanding) so we've basically got JT as the only established character here. And that's sad. A quadrangle with this band of simpletons has to be a form of animal abuse, right?


crc said...

Did you notice these quad of simpletons got the "24" screen treatment? You'd think you had just finished watching the most riveting scenes in weeks instead of pure boredom.

I have to give you props, Darn, for figuring out how to make a post on the most boring freakin' episode we've seen in months. Ok, weeks? Days?

Even Kay, Jill, and Dru couldn't save it.

Darn said...

Tell me about it: snoozeville.

And yeah, they got the 24 treatment because we care who these morons might hump this week. God, Y&R, save that for something COOL, not this meaningless drivel.

Steph said...

OH my gosh - Curleen was totally racking my nerves today! And all the while - she's got the hots for the professor. How old is Curleen anyway?

"hell to the yes" You are SOOO funny and make me laugh!

smartyshorts said...

Any idea why Colleen's hands are always covered lately? Is she the victim of abuse? First the crutches, now covering her wrists. What's next? A weakly explained black eye?

Speaking of spousal abuse, why didn't Tom ever lock GLORIA in the closet? Although i'm sure that would somehow be jack's fault. never mind.

Holy Hotness, I could Not. Concentrate. for all the Steaming Dru Hotness all up on my TV screen.
I mean I know some other bull-ish was going on, but I'll be damned if i know what it was.
I'm sure Dru and Neil were being all adult and calm and rational and whatnot but I have no idea. they could've been talking about Reliquary for all I know.
Dayum! Victoria Rowell has this straight girl SMITTEN like never before.
Its one good thing that came out of this Carmen mess....Dru has become exponentially hotter.

Kaboom said...

The two best things yesterday: my beloved Jill (when she's not propping the GloBag) and of course, the Dru. Hell, I'll add For Once, Not GravelySeriousNeil while I'm at it.

I totally FF'd everything that didn't feature Jill and Dru yesterday. Thanks, LML.

Ashleyb said...

That reminds me (I don't know why). What ever happened to Colleen's eating disorder set-up storyline? Wasn't she supposed to be getting a complex about how fat she was? She needs to go on and do whatever with whoever so JT can move on to the hot affair with Victoria--she would totally kick Colleen's ass in a fight.