Jan 9, 2007

Y&R - Monday - Magical

So...wow, I must have missed the press release, when was this show renamed The Kay and Jill Hour? Because I literally saw nothing else (which made the show 10 minutes long and I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT) and if you try to tell me otherwise I will call you a liar and kick you in the nuts. Hard.
Jeanne Cooper and Jess Walton are utter, utter *~*~*~Magic~*~*~*. Here is a case of two expertly talented actors rising so far above the material that they can't even see it anymore, they're inhabiting their characters and daring you to look away. That is something special, truly special.

Could I have Jill trying to choke a bitch every day? The idea of that fills me with joy and puppies and rainbows and sunshine and all sorts of goodness. So in honor of that a video. It's short and silly but if I could watch it all day I would.


steph said...

Oh I am completely BORED by their storyline. I only liked them when they were cat fighting.
Frankly, I am WAY into the Coleen, collego ho versus Corbell, Professor Pimp, and Amber, YR porn star.

The only one not gettin' some on the side is TJ!

It is so OC!

Kaboom said...

Ahhh...the Jill/Kay scenes yesterday were magnifique. ITA, Darn, the material was eh but the actors were fan-fucking-tastic, as usual. Bravo, ladies!

Random observation: Jill's "baby" remix in your video totally sounds like Sammy Davis Jr. Or maybe Tommy Davidson's imitation of Sammy Davis Jr. LOL

crc said...

For someone just a couple years shy of being an octogenarian, Jeanne Cooper sure can take a lot of abuse. LOL!

JC and Jess Walton were on FIRE!!!

If anything else happened yesterday, I don't remember.

Now, why couldn't Jill have went over to Nikki and choked her annoying tail?

Dee said...


Pandora said...

The only thing that marred that scene was the presence of Nikki. It should have been just Kay and Jill. Mano y mano.