Jan 5, 2007

Y&R - Thursday - Boooooooop...

Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? Now Ashley is accusing Jack of murder? NOW ASHLEY IS SUGGESTING THAT JACK WOULD KILL HER? Does anyone watch this show? Does anyone know the histories of these characters anymore? At all? I am just astounded. And angry. Truly angry. Because this is just bad. Bad writing, horrible, insulting, ignorant writing.

So wait Victor is also suggesting Ashley go over seas for his own selfish, underhanded needs and yet he's The Great and Powerful Oz. Unbelieveable.

Just when I think I don't hate almost every character on this show...it turns out I do.

For old time's sake.
Victor: Hmmm...I'mnotsureNikkiwouldapprove.
Ashley: She doesn't need to know.
Victor: I'm not sure Ihaveenough.
Ashley: Oh, I just need a sample! Here's a cup. And...a little tit. Get to work.


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Hey Nick, you turned your father into the authorities for illegal business activities and he's been over that for about a year now, I doubt lying about Brad's secret is going to cause him to hold much of a grudge.

Oh why couldn't they continue with Colleen's eating disorder storyline? I was so prepared to mock it. And her. And you know fat jokes are easy (not that I like them but they are easy). And I'm lazy. Fatty sure does get a lot of ass for a fatty. Ah, that's better. JT and Colleen having break-up sex was pretty hot I must say. Even if she is one fickle little thing.

And because I can't get over the heavyhandedness of Jack being turned into a villain, here's how Nick and Phyllis discussing Jack came across to me:

Phyllis: Jack is building a nursey for Summer.
Nick: Wow, Jack? Our Jack?
Phyllis: Yes, can you believe it?
Nick: I thought he'd be too busy raping the elderly.
Phyllis: In between stints of shanking orphans.
Nick: And punching cancer patients.
Phyllis: And eating manatee.
Nick: He did help deliver our baby.
Phyllis: Yes and I'm sure he loved every minute of it. Just one last, long look at my Secret Garden.
Nick: You are making me so hot right now.


Kaboom said...

It's official: Ashley accusing Jack of killing her has just made this show, my once beloved Y&R, unrecognizable. Once the ratings go down (and they will) it pains me to think what LML will do then to get them up again.

That EB "O" face will haunt me forever. (shudder) And Bup.

Pandora said...

LMAO! That Nick-Phyllis dialogue almost killed me. You really should post a disclaimer, Darn.

crc said...

What's being done with Jack and the Abbott family is horrible. And when you think LML couldn't possibly make things worse, she proves you wrong by having Ashley believe Jack could be a murderer. Disgusting.

Darn, that EB "O" face is going to haunt me forever, too. shudder

Darn - thewreckcenter@aol.com said...

Y'all need to stop hiding your true feelings. You know that made you hot. Aaaaaadmit it.

Kaboom said...

That is just wrong. You are so bad. LOL

Dee said...

LMAO@Giggly Heffa's "Secret Garden"

Ignance. Sheer Ignance.

smartyshorts said...

darn I think you know how I feel about you. how my love knows no boundary. You complete me. But Vic's "O" face was just. So. Wrong. I am traumatized. Deliciously traumatized. (Secretly thrilled shudderrrrr)

Ashley should be questioning ME about her imminent demise. because I WOULD choke a bitch. Jack would not, but I totally would.

jack could take a long lingering look at my Secret Garden anytime.

Dee said...

Ashley should be questioning ME about her imminent demise. because I WOULD choke a bitch. Jack would not, but I totally would.

LMAO. And that right there?

...Must. See. TV.