Mar 10, 2007

Y&R - Ok...

Since Lynn Latham is apparently fond of doing PSA's, I figure it's time we here at The Wreck Center did one of our own.

New Viewers, it's great that you've begun to watch our show.

We're always welcome to new viewers getting to know the various denizens of Genoa City as we all once did.

However, we don't appreciate being lectured at by new viewers when characters we as longtime viewers have watched for years, blatantly begin to act out of character to facilitate extremely plot dependent stories.



smartyshorts said...

I love it when you talk tough. It gives me the Chii-ii-iiilllls, yo. Lets do it at Chuck-E-Cheese. Heh. Heh. Hee. Heee. Heh heh heh.

Dee said...

LMAO. It's not meant to be rude or anything, though.

It's just a real WTF when folk who've only watched the show a short amount of time assume THEY know more (in terms of what is & isn't OOC for characters & the state of the overall show) than folks who've watched the show much longer.


smartyshorts said...

Oh I know. Just having a Giggly moment there. You're absolutely right. This program has been on the air for what 25-30 years? Anyone who just started tuning in a year ago or less must accept that they don't know the whole f-ing story.
I only started watching regularly about 5-7 years ago myself, and I love reading the comments of longtime fans, and the links to various scenes from the past.
YouTube is our own personal WayBack Machine, Sherman!

Dee said...

Right. And it's not an opinion vs. fact sort of thing either.

It's a situation where longtime viewers just know if/when characters act OOC.

And not just 20-30 year longtime viewers either, but 10, 15 & even 5 year viewers to various extents.

It's one thing to LIKE a new show, but to christen yourself "The Grand High Authority" of a show after watchin like 6 months to a year is absurd IMO.

But what do I know, right? lol

love da blog said...


Anyhoo..I thought the porn stuff was terribly bad. I mean I had it on slow tivo FF'd and all she did was walk around the bed and fluff a pillow. Oh yeah..interesting.

Kaboom said...

As always: preach it Darn, Deee & smartyshorts.

Lisa said...


The Captain said...

You totally forgot to add a "YOUGOTTHAT!" at the end, Darn.

What kind of Y&R fan are you?? ZOMG!