Mar 2, 2007

Y&R - Put On Your Happy Face

Peter Bergman: Hello Lynn.
Lynn Marie Latham: JackJackJack! HAHAHAHA, how are you? How are you?!
PB: I'm well. I've been meaning to talk to you.
LML: Abooooout? Wait, waitwaitwait, don't tell me, don't tell me! I know! I know what you want to talk about, I do!
PB: ...
LML: ...
PB: Well, go ahead.
LML: ...What? Oh WAITER, come back here with that tray! Mama got a taste for the devil's piss, she do, she do! [gulps wine]
PB: Lynn, look, we've been number 1 for 18 years now. That's a pretty long time.
PB: Yes, 18 years, which coincidentally nearly matches how long I've been on the sh--
LML: YEARS?! That's like...that's a lot, Jack, I think you're wrong.
PB: No, no I'm not. Ed said 18 and so did the cake.
LML: You're wrong, Jack. I haven't even been with the show 18 years! I mean, HAHAHAHAHA!
PB: It's Peter.
LML: Oh, oh, OH, is it, Jack? Are you coming on to me? Think you can handle alla dis? Mama don't think so. But if baby wanna try--
PB: Good lord, no.
LML: HAHAHAHAHA! I'm blitzed.
PB: You've had one glass.
LML: I'm drunk. With power. You see that one over there, the "blonde" with the tits and the face?

LML: Gonna give her the gonorrhea.
PB: What? Nikki's gonna cheat on Victor?
LML: No, she's gonna get spontaneous gonorrhea. I just made it up! I made it up! Did you know I could DO THAT? When they told me I could do whatever I just about died. My name is Lynn--Lynn what? Lynn...Marie...Latham! Uh huh, oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah--
PB:...please stop. So what next? What's next for ol' Jack?
LML: You keep coming onto meeee and Jackie's gonna get a spin-off, hint, hint, shrug, shrug, grope, grope, HAHAHAHA! No. I've hired this new guy for you, wonderful man, such a visionary, really forward thinking. Bit of a futurist you might say.
PB: Oh really? What's his name, I might know him.
LML: James. E. Reilly.
PB: You...sick...bitch.


smartyshorts said...

Ahhhhhh! I am scarred. For. Life!
Although i do enjoy a swig or two of the Devil's piss ever' once't in a while honey chile.

Kaboom said...

So that's what the thing that's destroying Y&R looks like.

I wonder if there will be a 19th year at #1 come next year...

love da blog said...

what an ugly cheaplooking cake for Y&R

Pandora said...

That cake looks like what my 5-year-old nephew would come up with if you asked him to draw a picture of a cake.

Dee said...

I wonder if there will be a 19th year at #1 come next year...

Y&R might make it to 20. But that's about it

Arugula said...

Those GLASSES are awful and the CAKE is worse!

Greetings from Arugula! I'm glad to see you're still at it, Darn. I've missed yew and yer snark too!

Lisa said...

What is UP with MTS's face?