Feb 27, 2007

Y&R - Tuesday - You're All Disowned

"Ohno! My face! Mahm, my face, look at my face, look what you did! OW!"

Bitch, please, it's an improvement.

Let me get this straight, your MOTHER is having a mental breakdown in front of your face, she accidentally hits you with something and your reaction is to yell at her, call her crazy and scream "DON'T TOUCH ME!"? I understand she was hurt but this person is also her mother, not a moment of compassion for her mother's obvious impaired mental state? That's just bad writing right there.

And oh God, the shrieking. Keep it up, Christel! Muteness will do wonders for your figure. If you had a figure. Now I'm just being mean. I'll stop. Except not. Shut up. Stupid.

It's nice that Daniel is Kevin's BFF (blergh) but not a second of happiness over you brother-in-law being off the hook for murder? Come on. These are supposed to be people. Not plot point regurgitating set pieces.

Neil. Neil, Neil, Neil. You sad, pathetic, sack of matter. Your WIFE, the love of your life, mother of your children, supposed soulmate is literally losing her mind in front of you and what is your reaction? Blankness.

Neil says "Hi", he's not fit to talk right now. I know you can't quite tell but trust me, Neil is dying inside.

AND for fun: CLOTHING!


crc said...

I stop watching the show and miss Dru hitting FauxLily? Aw, snap! If I knew, I would have taped it.

Then again, it might be best that I didn't witness LML continued trashing of our girl, Dru. This show is just one Hot Ghetto Mess and, unfortunately, the ratings doesn't translate. I don't understand why more people are actually tuning into this garbage. Are the other soaps that bad?

Darn said...

Are the other soaps that bad

DING DING MOTHERFUCKING DING! I think that's exactly what it is. And Y&R right now is like the other soaps, from dialogue to storylines to camerawork, it's all very middle of the road and mediocre and familiar. It's a slightly better version of GH (which is actually kicking Y&R's ass at the moment) or OLTL. And that saddens me. Because it used to be miles better, now it's just somewhat. Except not really because the drop in quality has been drastic.

Thank you, crc, for being stronger than I and actually completely quitting. The idea of CKLily getting hit in the head by a flying object was too much to pass up!

smartyshorts said...

I wanted * to get CLOCKED, but I'll settle for cutting the bitch.
Has her reaction to anything at any time been apprpropriate?

Free Daniel!

Darn, I love you, you Evil Bastard.
Why is my plant over there? The plant is always over here! [Insert random over the top crazy behavior here]

Kaboom said...

I am SO getting one of those shirts, Darn. Thanks for the link!

Who else wanted Devon to just grab the pillow from behind *'s head and smother her with it? Just me?

VR does not deserve the steaming pile that Y&R has become. Fly free, my goddess, fly free...

Pandora said...

Darn, love those shirts! I'm totally getting a DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!

Nice touch with the tiny "It's the truth" underneath livedehtsikcaj. Sweet.

Darn said...

Who else wanted Devon to just grab the pillow from behind *'s head and smother her with it? Just me?

It's never just you. Not when it comes to smothering That Person Thing. She is awful and horrible and Just Go Away Now.

Nice touch with the tiny "It's the truth" underneath livedehtsikcaj.

Oh good, I'm glad that's readable, I was worried.

Happy you guys like the shirts, the whole shirt discussion on TWOP inspired me.

love da blog said...

This business of Drew going nuts is just downright sad.

Also - anyone notice that Sharon has gained Y&R Sainthood? She just walks around spreading love, comfort, and cheer.

smartyshorts said...

When she starts handing out china cups of hot restorative tea, then she will have attained her halo. And officially taken everything from Victoria that she could.

Oh Jack, what are you doing? please let us know this is all an elaborate ruse to get back at Grambo for trying to get back at you for getting back at...fuck it, i lost my place. And while we're at it...shut the FUCK up GhostDad.

So the little treasure trove in the bricked up grave...that was the whole [CENSORED] secret? that seems ...well, lame.
I thought it would be like Christs toenail clippings or something. That little stash of paintings and gold bricks didn't seem to be worth billions. At least not billions of easily liquidated dollars. What's with these super rushed conclusions?

Kaboom said...

What's with these super rushed conclusions?
LML just does not care about the SL and wants to end it quickly so she can start up another equally craptacular or even worse SL?

One of the few things that keep me watching is the hope that yes, Jack knows/suspects that Grambo is up to something and is up to something himself. That's my hope.

Lisa said...

Orange is too vibrant a color for Neil. Maybe gray or magenta.

LOVE the shirts.