Nov 4, 2006

Y&R - Eh

I have two weeks worth of shows to look at and I don't have the physical or mental wherewithall to watch them. A man can only cry so much, people.

Let me take a WILD GUESS as to what's happened.

  • Nick and Phyllis were happy, happy, joy, joy.
  • Everybody ran around looking for a goddamn art project.
  • Gloria didn't die yet. Yes, "yet". Fuck you, I have to have some dreams.
  • Indigo opened in record fucking time.
  • Carmen died. So many suspects, so little motivation.
  • Now everyone is running around town like chickens with their heads cut off. Mmmm, chicken. I had that for lunch and dinner. Well, my lunch was my dinner because I had like 25 wings and I can't even eat 25 wings in one sitting. So I brought it home, heated them up and they were good. Sweet and tangy barbeque. I should order from that place more. Where is that number? I can never keep track of things, so disorganized. I need a dayplanner. I'm going to get a dayplanner. How much do you think those things run for? I don't want one from the dollar store, everytime I buy on the cheap the stuff falls apart. Another thing I need to do, not be so cheap. But I digress.
You know, I survived Dru and Damon chasing a fucking flower in Japan for a month, Sharon getting chased through the streets of Wisconsin by a pack of Politcally Correct gangsta rapists, pedophile and rapist Kevin getting off scotfree yet this, THIS shit is what drives me away. Hmmm, is it me? Is it some pre-conceived notion I have that a new head writer brings change and I'm simply being unreasonable? Are these plot developments things I would have accepted were Jack Smith still in charge?

Alright, I just scanned Friday's ep. Scanned. I got the gist of the scenes and none of them seemed like improvements. A bunch of morons, boring morons, doing boring things boringly. Insipid plots that a fanfic writer would have taken under revision.

But since this is Davetta's last day I'll say something nice: White is her color. Girl looks good. I hope those Days rumors are true so I can finally jump ship to that show.


Demig said...

Welcome back, you got 2 weeks of shit to skip and snark on. So git to it!

crc said...

That wasn't just a wild guess, it was a dead on summary of events of the past two weeks.

I'm gonna miss Davetta's Lily. I was savoring her last day and then CBS had to ruin it by running a promo for next week during ATWT with FauxLily in it. :(

jcleopatra said...

Hmm..FauxLily that should be our new nickname for her :)

smartyshorts said...

Darn, I missed you baby!

And yes, something happened on Y&R but I'll be damned if I can figure out what it was.
I'm sure something had to happen. Didn't it?
Billy is doing something and he needs money. And Jana is all mysterious and now tainted with Elfishness.
Glo got all Grabby Jazz Hands about something and Lauren STILL hasn't kicked the leeches outta her house.
Mikey would back you up, just Man UP Laurel!

Neil was an ass about something and Dru lost her damn MIND. DSLily just tagged along and didnt say anything for a week. Devon asked "What did (s)he just say?"

Victoria's teeth made some weird clacking noises and Beorge hasn't gone on kibbutz yet.
Is Colleen even on the show anymore? Jack's all 'flicted and squinty. Will Bardwell has a whiteboard and markers in his office! Is there glitter too?
I refuse to acknowlege Phlick anymore. Noah is a Gay Pirate.

I'm sure some other people did some stuff, but that's basically it for the last 6 weeks.

Mr Kim is smokingly and distractingly hot.

Don't disappear on me like that again Darn. I was ready to see if you were shacked up with some blind woman on a farm!

Darn said...

My mother always told me that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Actually, my mother never said that. She's not that corny.

But when you see a show you love creating a murder mystery in 2 weeks based on a character making legitimate legal charges against someone else and overhearing about a business takeover, you just can't watch that. You shouldn't watch that. Think of the babies. The lttle bastards of the world.

I'm not adverse to predictability, I love it sometimes but only the comfortable kind, as in "I know that no matter the plot development this will be well done." not "That was obvious and made no sense. Perfect.". No thanks.

Hmm..FauxLily that should be our new nickname for her :)

I think I'll refer to her as *. Why bother with typing letters and whatnot on such uselessness?

jcleopatra said...

**I think I'll refer to her as *. Why bother with typing letters and whatnot on such uselessness?**

hehe...of course, that's even better.

Kaboom said...

Honestly, I think the best part of the last 2 weeks that you may have missed was Noah the Gay Pirate. Other than Mr. Kim steaming up the screen there was really nothing else.

I've heard Days is better. I may begin watching it again after all these years if DS does get hired there.

And so it shall be: * .