Nov 29, 2006


Ugh, of all the actors, of all the CHARACTERS they (LML and her minions) could have brought back they bring on AMBER FUCKING MOORE! She was a succubus on The Bold and the Besutiful, all she'll do here is take away from people we like and actually care about! What in the FUCK is going ON over THERE?!

Goddamn squeeky voiced moron.


smartyshorts said...

For the love of GAWD, Why?

That was just the most awful awfulness that ever awfulled. And I should know, my nephew just forced me to watch Little Man with the Wayans Bros. He owes me 90 minutes of my life back.

Dru looked fab, and obviously her meds are working now. Hold it together Grrl!

Is it bad that I can't even remember what happened today? And I watched it live.

Darn said...

Aww, smarty, all I know is that a howler monkey joined the cast. Other than that I have no idea because I haven't watched yet. Might not. I just don't knoooooooow.

smartyshorts said...

well lauren did tell Gloria to shut the Fuck Up. But she apologized for it a few minutes later. Still a few minutes of Shut yer fucking Gizzard Hole hecuba goes a long way in my book.

crc said...

Where's Sheila when we need her? Let her return to Genoa City, exterminate this pest and consider it time served in community service.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming Amber is going to turn out to be Sheila after yet another plastic surgery job.

Darn said...

I need to meet this surgeon that can not only completely change the structure of your face but shorten your height, change your voice and de-age a good 15 years. I need to meet him and shoot him in the face. Then steal his secrets.

Kaboom said...

UGH. I tried to watch Amber's scenes yesterday, ya'll, I TRIED, but couldn't. Thank Gawd for the FF button. WTF is LML/her minions smoking??

At least * hasn't been on in a while.

Anonymous said...

She was on Y&R before? Dude. She is ANNOYING! I do not like this character!

Anonymous said...

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smartyshorts said...

Are any of the above linked chemicals the same stuff GloBag used in the Glow Again By Ashley Abbot? Some of that stuff would be useful right now to get the two and a half inches of pancake makeup off of AmBuh. Seriously, her makeup gun was set to "Corpse".
Her hair has officially taken over the title of Straw head #1. I'd swear I could see her scalp through that overprocesses mess on her head. yuck.
Is she on the show simply to make GloBag more tolerable? To distract from Open mouth Billy Bass?

Kaboom said...

Speaking of Billy Bass, or * , boy howdy was that mouth of hers as agape as ever yesterday.

I don't recognize this show anymore.