Nov 22, 2006

Y&R - Tuesday - Jack Attack

As a Jack fan I'm feeling pretty glum these days, not really in the mood to comment on a day full of sub-humans like Gloria saying that Jack is "the most selfish man in the world" (HA! You'd know, bitch) my boy is getting torn down by everyone and their moms (no, really, Nick and Nikki hate him as do Jill and Kay, I tell no lies). It's sad, sad, sad. But I still love Jack and that? That's...


A sequel, there's some Phyllis thrown in for good measure.



Kaboom said...

I'm a Jack fan too and I'm hating what the show/LML is doing to him. HATE. Having GloBag, the Giggly Heffa, Michael etc spit out that Jack, Jack!, is selfish is laughable.

You know what would be awesome too? A similar You Tube clip of Jack stepping over Grambo when the old fart had his attack and collapsed on the floor. LOL

I was hoping someone would clock GloBag in the head with that turkey. Jana, bitch, step up!

crc said...

I thought GloHo was the Thanksgiving turkey. Just stuff her and put her in the oven.

Watching that clip of Jack punching NiClueless in slo-mo, fast-forward, and everything in between was really cathartic. It gave me a warm gooey feeling inside. LOL!

I don't know about the rules for spoilers here, so I'll just say that LML is not only ruining Jack, but the entire Abbott family. Yet, that GloBitch continues to run around on-screen like a chicken with its head cut off and unpunished. It's not fair I tell ya. IT'S NOT FAIR! Where's the justice in that.

Kaboom said...

Don't you mean GloBag is running around like a turkey with it's head cut off? ;0)

LML certainly has her favorite characters and unfortunately GloBag and her rapist/attempted murdering younger son are two of them. It kills me that this once great show has been gutted and barely resembles what it used to be.

Darn said...

I've posted a sequel, it's a slight improvement, I think. It's not Jack stepping over Victor but close!

Calling Gloria a chicken or a turkey is an insult to all fowls. Which is too damn bad for them because bitch is one costume change from wearing ostrich feathers.

I don't know about the rules for spoilers here, so I'll just say that LML is not only ruining Jack, but the entire Abbott family.

I try to avoid them myself but if anyone wants to include one in the comments just leave a warning.

crc said...

LOL! The second video is even more fun.

Oh, yeah, turkey w/ her head cut off. They could feed plenty of the Genoa City community with that one. Then again, Genoa City Memorial would be flooded with citizens suffering from food poisoning by midnight.

Kaboom said...

Oh Darn, that 2nd clip is Priceless! Another classic Jack scene.

Well, GloBag did come close, kind of, to the ostrich feathers you speculate about when she wore that orange...fur-like...thing last week with the I believe red?? gloves. LOL

jfdb said...

I don't care what happens, I will never let go of Phyllis and Jack.

They can't change my mind no matter how much they try to assassinate my guys, I'm a J/P lifer.

As usual Darn, your Jack love lifts me up. thanks.

Steph said...

You are sooooooooo bad!