Nov 7, 2006

Y&R - Tues - Questions, Questions, Questions

I've got questions, you have answers! Probably not considering these plots are written on the fly. Let's get to it!

Woah, woah, woah, when did Y&R hire Linda Hamilton? That female detective reminds me of her.

Neil: How are you feelin'?
Dru: I feel terrible.
Neil: Yeah?
Dru: I feel like something terrible's gonna happen.
Damn right, in the very next scene.
Dru: I know about jail, I've been there, I know he won't survive it!
Are you calling Devon a pussy? I'm not disagreeing! I just want to be clear. Cause then I can call him one too. Pussy. Deaf pussy.

Is Dru going to one of those grand jury hearings where there's a funeral processional?

The first scene of Neil and Dru commiserating over their situation wasn't terribly long but it has the beautiful benefit of being the last scene before You Know What The Fuck came on screen and my last shred of hope for Dily died.

Now if we have to put up with the return of the original performer for one character then I have but one question to ask:





Why are you such a Bitch with a Capital C, Phyllis? Christ, I hate that heffa. You talking about Dru being capable? Takes one attempted murderer to know another, I guess, bitch.

Hoobastank and Nickelback? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's like they sat down and found the lamest and tamest "rock bands" to make Professor...Reliquary (? I haven't been paying attention, I think he might be Jewish? It's an invasion!) a fan of.

Why do I find it so hard to believe that Michael cares this much about the fate of the Winters' (The Winters this, the Winters that, isn't it fall? STFU)? Certainly he's grown and changed as a character over the years but he seems to be taking this case as a personal offense.

Who Killed Carmen? Was it NeilDruJackLilyDanielDevonMichaelSharonVictoriaorBrad?!

And The Most Important Question of All

Who cares?


Kaboom said...

Who cares, indeed. I actually hope it's CK's Lily, anything to get her back away from my tv. You'd think CK would have gotten some acting lessons while away but

I did snort, just a tad, when Lily haughtily bitched about having her cheek swabbed for the grand jury. Shouldn't it be no problem since her damn mouth is open most of the time anyway? It would have been funny if Dru insisted she do the swabbing since she's done it once before... LOL

smartyshorts said...

It wouldn't have been so uncomfortable if she could stop twitching and rolling her eyes and flapping her arms around.
Between her and Glo its like a Turret's syndrome convention. No disrespect to anyone who is actually dealing with that disorder Bitch! Whore! MuthaFucka!!! but at least let us in on the truth. Have a PSA and bring on the medications.

Why IS Phyllis so hostile to Dru? Did Dru steal her man? Her job? Her purse? Dayum!
Darn, I need a few pictures of David Tom too. C'mon, you know you want to. And Mr Kim. Why not?

Giggly. Reliquary!