Feb 8, 2007

Y&R - Thursday - Live Bloggin'!

12:31 : Wait, wait a frickin' second, is the family of the kidnapping victim running the investigation?

12:33 : Sheila: They are so cute, I just wanna eat them.
That is one lame line.

12:36 : WTF is Sharon wearing? Plaid? Was Sharon shoveling hay and I missed it? Was there a hoedown with the ho? Damn! This is playing just like Sharon and JT's kidnappings. And it's just as boring.

12:37 : Why is Nick doing all the leg work here? Why is Daniel relying on his buddy list for clues? Why are the cops standing in the background wearing they Big Boy coats and doing jack shit?

12:40 : Sure, Gloria's grandson is missing but why should we expect that to stop her from trying to get into Bardwell's pants? Go back to the cul-de-sac, Will, that tunnel only leads to danger.

12:42 : I'd pay good money for Jack and Nikki to have hot, dirty, old people sex right there. They're both looking hot and if not looking 20 years younger than they are, dressing like it. Nikki's brown leather jacket. Hey, hot mom. Grandmom. And Jack with his boyband hair. You may wonder why I'm on this tangent, well, Nikki's defending that psychotic homewrecker Phyllis and I want no part of it.

12:44 : Okay, are those not cops? Are they PIs? Why'd they give the phone to Victor? I'm lost.

When "Lily" touches Daniel kittens die.

12:47 : Kevin went from accountant to computer whiz in a flash. If I cared at all I'd be bothered.

12:51 : Shut up, Nicole.

12:52 : Bardwell [to Gloria]: I bet you were a wonderful mother.
I'm not taking you to Vegas, guy.

Ya know unless this ends in Phyllis or Sheila or somebody, anybody (SCREAM!) dead then what's the point of this?

12:54 : Kevin's laptop is magical.

1:00 : Paul, Michael and Kevin are giving a lesson in how to be completely ineffectual.

1:02 : Jack: Nikki's right though, I have been fair to Phyllis.

What the fuck, Jack? Phyllis has treated you like shit over and over again, telling everyone she knows that you're shit for brains. Oh crap, Sharon just became the smartest person in the room. The world is gonna collapse in on itself.

1:04 : I doubt they'd be able to hear a fucking cow over the phone while Sheila is in that apartment and a fucking TRAIN is going by.

1:07 : Did you know that OneTouch changes everything? Patti tells me and I believe everything she says. Sings. Sangs.

1:10 : Oh, fantastic, Noah just found out that Summer and Fen are missing. Wonderful acting from this kid. Just wonderful. More of that kid! Yeah.

1:12 : OH NOES! Will Phyllis and Summer die?! Considering this show has turned into Phyllis very own Anne of Green Gables fantasty, I'm thinking, "Uh, no.".

1: 13 : Yes, Paul, give the unstable woman a gun.

Phyllis of Genoa City, with Nick as her very own Gilbert.

1: 17 : Cops are completely useless, did you know that? I feel like I'm watching General Hospital.

Why are DANIEL, NICK AND LILY the only people looking at the photo?

1: 19 : Victor: Iknowwheretheyare. That's themotelwhere the majority of myblowjobsoccurred.

1:23 : Flashlight AND gun? Paul, you tricky dick.

A RETIREMENT village would NOT have neon signs. That would violate all sorts of community codes and whatnot.

1: 25 : Noah: DANIEL!

Daniel: You okay, little man?

Much much better now. Hold me tighter. Noooo, tighter. Mmm, you smell like raspberries.

1: 27 : HOW Lauren got there before anyone else I don't even want know.

Nice ass shot for Michelle Stafford. I bet she appreciate that.

Here's to hoping the bullet went through one and came out the other. It would make me a Lauren fan for life.


Courtney said...

SwellMama from TWoP here, bringin' the Darn love to the ultra-fun Wreck Center. I'm rather enjoying this "live blogging"...reminds me of my college days watching bad soaps (at the time, DOOL) with my snarky pals. Good times.

Just wanted to say, though: Nick Newman is NO Gilbert Blythe. No way, no how. :)

Dee said...


Darn said...

Thanks, SwellMama. Sorry for slighting Gilbert, I doubt Nick could even spell Gilbert Blythe.

Or ya know, spell. At all.

redfres said...

Sweet Darn, thank you for making sense of all that.

Kaboom said...

All I have to say right now is...thank God for Darn and the Wreck Center. Y&R makes NO sense; coming here makes me feel better.

The Captain said...

"1: 25 : Noah: DANIEL!

Daniel: You okay, little man?

Noah: Much much better now. Hold me tighter. Noooo, tighter. Mmm, you smell like raspberries."

Darn, you. ain't. right!

Why the hell is Noah all up in this? Good friggin' grief!

Darn said...

I'm glad my pain keeps you guys from the torture of it all.

And Noah will be an amateur porn star in about 8 years.

smartyshorts said...

what the hell operating system does kevin HAVE anyway?

lauren can really haul ass. to get to an address a block away before the police with...cars and stuff. Is there some reason that the parents can come and go freely during a KIDNAPPING investigation?
Apparently the purpose of GCPD is to harrass/gaslight whoever is on your shit list that day.