Feb 9, 2007

Y&R - Winter, Spring, SUMMER or Fall

Nick: Immaculate conception my ass. I put hard work into this shit.
Phyllis: That's not even what it means, Nick.
Nick: Thrust, shake, ka-pow! Hard work. Heh, I just said "hard".
Phyllis: Giggle, you said "hard".
Nick: I know, I totally said "hard". Not even on purpose either.
Phyllis: "Hard", heh.
Nick: Speaking of "hard", check it out--
Phyllis: Nick! Hehehehe!
Nick: Ohmygod, when your ladyparts heal I am gonna be all up in that. [licks lips]

I know what you're thinking "Hey, that's kinda sacreligious!" or "Didn't he do that joke like two posts down?" and you know what I say to that? FUCK YOU, YOU DON'T KNOW MEEEEE! I DO WHAT I WAAAAAAAAAAANUH!

Anyway, who's with me in praying for the safe return of babygirl Jesus?


love da blog said...

you are on a roll. SOOOOO funny!

Kaboom said...

As Homer Simpson said: "mmmmmmm...sacreligious...(drool)..." I love it, Darn!

Besides Lauren, the only 2 beings I want to emerge alive and safe from that room are Fen and Summer. Aim straight and true, Lauren! Take both Phylliseseses out!

Dee said...


smartyshorts said...

I don't even BELIEVE in Jebus![/Homer simpson]

So will Kevin put out an Amber Alert for Jana? Calm down Elf.

So it turns out Lauren is a better cop that all of GCPD and paul combined. She and Det. Sullivan should form an all girl kick Ass Squad.

Shut UP Beorge. How is it that ClackClackNarmFace hasn't stomped on his balls yet?

Dee said...

How is it that ClackClackNarmFace hasn't stomped on his balls yet?

She'd have to retrieve them from Colleen's purse first.

BlueBar01 said...

Heehee. Another great blog post Darn!