Feb 9, 2007

Y&R - Tears of a Clown

I was all ready to watch today and then I saw this face and remembered how much I hate her.

And the reliquary.

And Jock and Princess.

And Colleen.

And Korbel.

And Thunderthighs.

And ClackClackNarmFace.

And McTittles.

And Lily.

Especially Lily.

And Noah is a dumbass. Shut up, dumbass.


Dee said...

And that's all today was too. That & Sheila.

smartyshorts said...

the Pheila storyline which was wrapped up in RECORD time.
What was the POINT of that, except to make Jack all misty? And so we can email Nick Newman. Otherwise, no point in the plastic surgery, no point in the secret cage, no point in Det Sullivan getting shot.
i wanted pheila to AT LEAST say something cryptic before she died...like Reliquary has the code for........(insert bullshit joke here)

Darn said...

RECORD TIME! WHAT WAS THE FUCKING POINT?! All of this, all this warping of the story and characters and their motivations, all of that for 2 months of story. Sheila changed her face only to die 2 months later. Long time fans don't even get the satisfaction of seeing Kimberlin Brown shot. This was LML's nadir. The worst of the worst.

Okay, the reliquary (does anyone else call it the "Re-lick-quary"? I do!) might top it.

love da blog said...

and all this time I didn't think korbel was in on it. Dang it! That Brad is right everytime!!!

The Captain said...

"And Noah is a dumbass. Shut up, dumbass."

I could say a ton of politically incorrect things about Noah, all of which would begin with "Noah is a fucking_______."

You know it's bad when you miss Y&R and don't even care.

Darn said...


Oh and a fun fact about this post: I didn't have to do anything about Adrienne Frantz's lips, they were already that red.