Feb 6, 2007

Y&R - Tuesday - Phyllis' Greatest Hits!

[Daniel frets over his mom and little sister]

Jack: Phyllis is a strong, determined woman. She delivered her baby in an elevator with no electricity, no epedural, and no help whatsoever! She crotched down and woosh, brand new baby.

Nick: She chased you all the way across the country! Damn, I hated her hot ass back then. Hot. Ass. Sorry, guys, I gotta go to the bathroom. To, um, pee. Probably afterwards anyway.

Lily: She helped sneak me into jail to see you! ME! Not even dogs like me, my mahm says my voice makes them go into a rage, so kudos to your mahm!

Thanks for remembering those plots you three! And translating them so succinctly! It's like some sort of re--re--recap, or what have you, of Phyllis' most thrilling adventures.

When did Phyllis become a bonafide heroine? I mean, seriously, are they running a two hour long special on Phyllis' kidnapping? Did Phyllis die? I feel like I'm watching a retrospective on her life.

Congrats on making the transition of Phyllis from villainess to anti-heroine to heroine so clunky and utterly unnatural.

"Peace, y'all."


Dee said...


Kaboom said...

That is beautiful, Darn. Loves it!

crc said...

LOL! Did the show forget that Phyllis used to eat bugs like Christine for lunch... and now she's become one of them. Tsk, tsk.

Thanks for the "All I Need To Know" Y&R Update, darn.

love da blog said...

Todays episode: yawn

smartyshorts said...

I was wondering when everyone was going to start waxing poetic about when Phyllis squashed the bug. Or when she was having Kinky Hot Sex with her marriage counselor.
i could've used some flashbacks of THAT!
Dru was all kinds of inappropriate. I was suprised she didn't call Michael to see if he moved the vase. S'okay though, I'm still in love with her. in LOVE

BlueBar01 said...

LOL. Phyllis has become rather boring, hasn't she?

Demig said...

...and angels sang her praises, demond wept her loss from their ranks.
**Sucks teeth**