Feb 14, 2007

Y&R - BFFs

This post pretty much guarantees I will never work for Y&R or any soap opera. Appreciate the sacrifices I make for you!

CLB: Wha-who?
LLB: Chris-shun, it's me, Lauralee!
CLB: Who in the he--what you talkin' bout, gurl?
LLB: Hello! Chrishun, Lauralee Bell, former co-star, stop playing around!
CLB: Sweetie, I don't know who you are and you do not have a penis and I am busy.
LLB: Oh, you have not lost your wit! It's ever so refreshing! I miss hearing it on a daily basis!
CLB: I am witty, this is true. You tell the truth. Talk some more about me.
LLB: I still watch the show! Everyday! I put on my housecoat and I watch and you are fab!
CLB: YES, I AM! Housecoats are not. Reconsider. And go on. More me! More ME!
LLB: Okay, um, oh I love your chemistry with your brother, he is a cutie!
CLB: Ain't that the truth! Cute everywhere, if you know what I'm sayin' [pause] you probably don't, you kinda vac-u-ous.
LLB: The only vac I know is a vaccuum! Haha!
CLB: Right. But listen here, KEV-IN, if that is your real name, this is MY show, MY limelight, bitch if you even stoort to think this is your show I will cut you! I will cut you down!
LLB: I--I don't think he's here.
CLB: I know he's not here! I'm not blind, Loralei, I just like to remind the Uni-verse that he's beneath me! Or under me, or on top of me. Whichever which way. Why the hell am I talking to you? What is going on? Where is my publicist? PUB-LEE-CIST!
LLB: I was hoping we could [gestures to camera] take a picture.
CLB: Oh. Check my teeth, honey.
LLB: They're good.
CLB: They better be. Now I still don't know who you is, gurl, but I bet I fucked ya ex-boyfriend.
LLB: Wha--
CLB: Cheese!


Dee said...

LMAO! Zing!

Oracle42 said...

I love you so, so much.

smartyshorts said...

Oracle42 Back up offa my man. He's only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and this ain't Thursday.
Happy Manufactured Holiday!

Jamie said...

lol ur posts are just genius

The Captain said...

Heh. Heh...I can't wait for you to find a picture of CLB and Greg Rikaart and have fun with it.

Oracle42 said...

smartyshorts C'mon, can't I just borrow him for the holiday weekend ?

Darn said...

Now, now, ladies there is...not enough of me to go around.