Feb 5, 2007

Y&R - Monday - Morning Rain Is Falling

Short one today, I watched probably 8 minutes in total and that's because True Life was on commercial. I don't say that in a "That's all I deigned to watch!", that's truly all I watched.

This is how disconnected from this show I am right now, when Lauren was simpering over Fenn I said to myself "Get a grip, woman! It's just a baby, geez, you can have more." And that's just pure evil.

Also, Lauren, don't walk into Gloria's arms! You know the jaws of life, right? Glo is the exact opposite.

Michael and Sharon as honorary Winterses amuses me greatly. Michael because he suddenly turns into a 12 year old girl when around them. I guess they remind him of the family he never had? I don't know, I just need him to man-up. And I like to imagine Sharon as fascinated by their all-consuming blackness, that she's giddy like a kid in a candy store, "I can learn to pop and lock now!". The scenes are clearly not anything like that but my imagination runs wild still.

So I guess Marisa Ramirez really needed to pay her...light bill? Sure, why not?

Dru's hat? Crazy Church Lady Who Won't Stop Petting You. But also fierce as hell and that's only because she has the cajones to wear it to what is supposed to be a serious legal proceeding. My theory is that she thinks the judge will be so distracted and find her so enticingly sexily sexual that he'll dismiss the case.

Only two more months of my preeeeecious. How do, oh how do, how do I liiiiive?


Kaboom said...

So that means I'll be watching about 8 minutes today, as well, eh Darn? Sigh.

Seeing Michael and Sharon as honorary Winterseseses just feels...weird...but I'll still take it over Malcolm's jive talk ANY day.

Darn said...

It is SO weird, that's why I try to find the humor in it cause it looks so bizarre to me.

But yes, I recommend 8 minutes, treat it like guerilla warfare, in and out in a flash and fearful for your life the whole time.

crc said...

No matter if you only watched 8 minutes or didn't bother to watch the show at all, The WrecK Center is all I need to keep up with this show. LOL! This was my first day of intentionally not watching the show. Not just because of the VR thing, but because I just started a new job and figured this time is as good as any to stop watching this crap. So, I'm glad that I didn't miss much. LOL!

LOL! I'm totally envisioning Sharon trying to krump.

Dee said...

Sharon krumping? FUNNIEST SHIT EVER.


Kaboom said...

Congrats on the new job, crc! :0)

Pheila sounded like one of the 2 old ladies on In Living Color who owned/waitressed the diner. I almost expected Tommy Davidson to pop up as the chef, ring the bell, and announce "grits! pick up!" before shuffling back to the kitchen.

Dee said...

Dear Newbies,

If you just started watching Y&R 2 (or less) years ago & you like the way it is, FINE.

But be aware that your opinion doesn't count for much (if anything) given that the show has existed MUCH longer than that AND there have been viewers watching it then too.


Darn said...

Dee! Response of the day! HAHA!

I understand the mentality of finding a show and loving it and wondering why those who have been watching for a long time no longer like it. But I don't appreciate having my feelings dismissed simply because you are enjoying yourself.

Congrats on the new job

Seconded! I've quit as well. It's quitting while caring. And not really watching. What is this whole Dot thing? I'm assuming Phyllis impersonated an old woman? Say wha--who?

Dee said...

But I don't appreciate having my feelings dismissed simply because you are enjoying yourself.

I'm sayin!! Self centered bastids.

jcleopatra said...

I have only been watching the show for the past year and even I can tell it's a piece of crap. (And it has nothing to do with my intense hatred of FauxLily.) Can I get brownie points?

crc said...

Thanks Kaboom and Darn for the congrats.

And Dee, I'm feelin' ya.

Dee said...

Can I get brownie points?

Consider it done!

And Dee, I'm feelin' ya.

*solidarity fist*

smartyshorts said...

darn, baby we go way back (to like 6 months ago) and I will CUT a BITCH for disrespecting my man! I'm not just saying it, i will DO that shit. I'm a RideOrDie bitch too.
And i didn't 'get' pheila's disguise either. She did better with the weird teefus and wigs last time she was on.
Dot is a damn FOOL

Darn said...

Oh shit, I got myself a rideordie bitch, I never thought it'd happen and I never want it to go away!

smarty, much love, MUCH LOVE, boo.