Oct 13, 2006

Y&R - Mikey Likes It! I Like Mikey!

Maybe not all is forgiven but thank you for FINALLY seeing the snakes on that creature's head.

Michael: We've already done enough already, haven't we?

Gloria: Honey, honey, this is not your fault.

Michael: No, it's not. It's yours.

Gloria: Mine?

Michael: Yeah, that's right.

Gloria: Honey, you don't mean that.

Michael: Oh, like hell I don't. It's always about you, isn't it, Gloria?

Gloria: Oh, Michael, come on.

Michael: Oh, yeah, what Gloria wants, what Gloria needs. Kevin and I are just around to run errands.

Gloria: Stop it! You stop it!

Michael: Oh, but if we'd had half a brain between the two of us, we would never have gotten involved. But we got sucked in again. 'Cause we just felt sorry for you. Because we can't stand seeing mommy upset. Forget that I promised my wife that I would never keep a secret from her again. Forget that kevin and I could've been locked up in prison if anyone had caught us! No! What was I thinking? What was I thinking putting myself on the line for you?! For what? A stupid job?

Mmmm, tastes like chopped suey. Too bad he let her then go and see the baby. I'm sure he regrets that decision considering what happened next...

Gloria: Michael, MICHAEL! FORGiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiVE Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, MY-KELLLLLLLL! By GOD as my witness if you DO NAWT for-GIVE me I will EAT this baby [makes biting motion at the baby's head]! I swear I will! Yes, yes, it's YOUR CHILD but I think we ALL [points at everyone in the room, stopping to wink at Kevin] know the PRI-OR-ITY HERE!

FYI, Gloria cannot walk into a chapel. She'd burst into flames. So go pray, Glo, go pray.

It was a nice couple of days for couples fans, Neil and Dru and Michael and Lauren, VERY nice. That reconstructive surgery is going well on Neil's nether regions. He stood up to Carmen (and though I adore Dru, she makes the sun shine and the birds sings and keeps me in gummi bears and Chinese food, I can't help but logically agree with Carmen. She's right. There's really no way around that. Dru attacked her with little provocation and I don't think she deserves whatever's heading her way.)

And Michael is getting his sexyback, forget all the dry-humping and lusty voices and seductive dialogue, you know what's sexy? A husband massaging his pregnant wife's back. I think that's pretty attractive. I missed mah Laurel so so much.

Another couple I have a hard time even discussing, you guy's know who, they'll be destroyed soon enough and watching their last few days just breaks my hurt. Stupid, stupid show.

Ya'll know my Dru love is undeniable but she looked like Minnie Goddamn Mouse today.

Speaking of Disney...

POP QUIZ, hot shot:
One of these people was recently re-hired in the role of Lily Winters, who was it?!


books said...

I was glad Neil finally told Carmen he saw what DRU saw in her! YES!

Kaboom said...

Dammit! I hate pop quizzes. I'm going to guess...that thing on the right? No, left. No! Right. (insert Valley Girl giggle here)

Finally, FINALLY, Neil saw Carmen's vindictive side, no more jazzy goody goody gumdrops there, and to top it all off...I am still swooning...Michael finally tells off that thing that is his mother.

Any bets on how soon GloBag demands Michael choose between her and his wife and son?

smartyshorts said...

Do we know for a FACT that Glo is Michael's mother. She has shown she's capable of pretty much anything, like stealing a baby to keep a good man around (maybe JILL'S baby???? Huh? You picking up what I'm putting down? There have been worse retcons) And poor Lloyd or Lyle or Lowell or whatever his name is supposed to be didn't want to stick around once he found out the truth.

Looks like Michale bought himself a clue. I bet Glo CAUSED Hurricane Katrina just to keep Mikey from finding out the truth.
That Skeezoid.

I'll start right now. Shut UP PoserLily. Shut the fuck UP.

Kaboom said...

ITA, smartyshorts. STF UP, OldLily.

How sweet was Devon's smackdown of Carmen! He had me at "Woman, how in the hell..."