Oct 10, 2006

Y&R - Mon/Tues - Gizmo

Before we discuss anything, first we must address...this.



As much as I enjoy Dru grabbing that boring bitch Caaaarmen Meeeeesta by that fucked up bob on her head I DON'T enjoy her being ignorant by grabbing that boring bitch Caaaarmen Meeeeesta by that fucked up bob on her head. There was just no reason for that other than to make Dru look stupid and make me fall off my chair with laughter. It was FUNNY as all hell but damaging to Dru's character in a way that makes me uncomfortable.
WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY! Birthday/Engagement party! On a Wednesday! Okay. I'm sick of everyone having a birthday, from Jill to Dru to Lily to Nick, everyone is having a fucking birthday. It's such a lazy, haphazard way of having an "event" without putting forth any effort.

Is Devon ever going to be a fully formed character? You know, a romantic interest, a story that doesn't revolve around a social issue, things like that. I don't think so and really, I'd rather they cut their loses than waste anymore time on the character. He's a healthy young man who's been on the show 3 years and hasn't once had a girlfriend or boyfriend and it doesn't look to be on the way so why? Kevin, the pedophile, gets love interests but not the relatively attractive and kind teenager? Makey no sensey. And BULLSHIT on Dru being called to work after her nearly DIED. That wouldn't happen in any conceivable world in any respectable workplace. It just wouldn't.

Dru looks so cute with her hair in that bun.
She's so pretty. Too pretty to act this dumb. And ridiculous. Over the dickless wonder.

Zapato is the best damn thing to happen to this show in almost a year. He's special and magical and brightens my day. I want him to mate with my dog (Hi Felicia! Hi girl! Howareyou? Did you miss me? I missed you! Yes, I do!) and make perfect little puppies, who can fly and sing and tap dance to German hip-hop.

Is it wrong that everytime I see Phyllis and her belly I think of Gremlin cocoons?

And the result of this illicit affair (indulge me):

"Say what?! Illicit WHAT?!"

"OOOooooh, you crazy! Stop fo' you make me spit!"

"Chil', please! Noughfayou! Ooooweeh!"


Dee said...

ROFL! Bright Light, Bright Light!!!

Darn said...

God, you get me, Dee, YOU. GET. ME.

tink0924 said...

Darn, it is truly shameful what they're doing to Dru. I had to avert my eyes when Dru accosted Carmen in the workplace breakroom...if that was supposed to be Dru "keeping it real" they were way off. It degrades the character. And please tell me why is Jerry Douglas subjecting himself to this silliness. LML should play the freakin' spook considering how horrifying her writing is.

jase said...

I will get you for this, ho. Mogwais are my turf. "Torino's is MYYY PLAAACE!!"

Anyone get that? Thought not.

Dee said...

Giggly Heffa is so Stripe.

Tittering Wench.

books said...

I have to say that the show has picked up this week. Not as boring as usual thank goodness.
I was SOOOO glad Nick and Phylis did not get approval to get married. There IS JUSTICE

Darn said...

You're right, books, it's picked up a bit with Lauren finding out about what Michael did. And Dru going all Mary Jane Girl on Carmen.

Kaboom said...

ITA with books as well. It was refreshing to see a Newman not get what they wanted. For once.

smartyshorts said...

I laughed like an evil hyena when the Phyllick got Pwned! by that judge.
Nick: My brother in law got one!
Judge: Not from me pussy-boy.

How is that ever NOT funny? So when will the Phyllick decide to have their own ceremony to declare their luuuuurve before whatever Deity they make sacrifices to and their friends and family? Much like the NOT LEGAL second wedding of John and GloBag.
Whoever performs these fringe ceremonies in Genoa city must be making a MINT.