Oct 23, 2006

Y&R - Monday - Wicked Witch of the Midwest


OMG (say it out loud, O-M-G, like Beyonce), she SOOOOOOO deserves to die. 2 weeks of being TOLD she deserves to DIE and is gonna DIE has CONVINCED me that we need the bitch to DIE. I am but a Gumby or a Stretch Armstorng, meable beyond belief. Completely without my own thoughts, unable to understand subtlty, the only way to get through to this old noggin is to hit it REPEATEDLY with banal and uninspired writing! JINKIES JOY JEEPERS!

The MAYHEM will be ENDLESS (Endless Mayhem, it's the title of my forthcoming arena rock band album, in stores this November, cop that!) for this HORRID HEIFER! HOPEFULLYEEEEE!

Maybe her death won't be so violent, MAYBE she'll drown!

"Ahh! Ahh! Save me from a mismanaged character and heavy-handed writing!"

I can't believe Reva is hiding her cancer from Josh! So selfish!

Wait, wait, Y&R, right. Mah mind drifted.

Ashley and Mr. Kim, there is way too much testosterone in that room. Maybe they could share some with Kevin. And Michael. And JT. And Brad. And Jack.

Sorry but if they expect me to buy Brad being haunted by his past after 20 years of him being a big ole whore...well, I'm just not gonna. Brad had a sister he cared about deeply? SINCE WHEN? Brad saw the aftermath of his family's brutal murder? SAY WHO WHAT WHEN?

Just hack all over the baby, Gina. Bring your snot-filled teddy bear to the NICU where the premature infant is trying to not die. Allergies or not, that's moronic. And okay, oooookay, Sheila did not cut 2 feet off her frame and gain 50 pounds. I used to think Michael and Lauren were the smartest people on this show. Not so much anymore, huh?

Isn't it great how Phyllis is flying in her third trimester? Maybe they covered that? Maybe--whatever. You know, Phylick, your child is already borne of an affair, being married before the little bastard gets here isn't gonna change much.

You know I hope Phyllis is Sheila, maybe then we'd be rid of this GigglyHeffa we've been stuck with for months. I could totally get behind Sheila acting incredibly vacuous as Phyllis and Nick not catching on. You know, they're not known for their intelligence.

Nick: Phyllis are what? ARGHARGHARGH, vagina!

Base and unfunny, that's me! Deal.


Kaboom said...

Yesterday was a good day. No GloBag.

I'm not feeling the Ash/Delectable Mr. Kim combo. He is way too damn sexy for her.

I'm glad I can come here and read what Beorge is up to. I FF every scene with him and/or his mother. Oh hold up! I bet Sheila is Beorge's mother!!

janie said...

You are blowing my mind with this Sheila-is-Phyllis theory.

I still love Phyllis, but the constant insipid giggling has got. To go.