Oct 12, 2006

Y&R - Suffering Succotash

Hi All! I'm here today with your weekly BS Report! Directly from CBS Studios/Bell Productions by way of Soap Opera Digest, read for the latest scoop of elephant dung!

Christel Khalil Comes "Home" As Y&R's Lily

As we reported in the last issue, Davetta Sherwood is out and Emmy nominee Christel Khalil (who departed last September) is back as Y&R's Lily. "It feels like I've never left!" she smiles. "Everyone's welcomed me with open arms."

"It feels like I've never left!" Yes, but you DID and you were replaced by someone better.

Though a spokesperson for Y&R has no comment, a source indicates that the show never wanted to lose Khalil in the first place and that they're "very happy to have the 'real' Lily back." So when Khalil felt the time was right to return, the show jumped at the chance to grab her.

Real Lily? REAL Lily? Fuck. You. Unnamed. Source.

The actress chose to return now, "Because it was the right time," she explains. "They contacted me. I talked to the show earlier, too, but at that point, I just didn't feel I was in the right place." So what's it like being the recast of her recast? "It really wasn't weird or awkward," she insists. "But it is a little strange that Lily's grown up so much. I had to go to Bryton, Michael and Kristoff and ask them what was going on."
Hmmm...who are we missing here? WHO? WHO? WHO? Why I think it's a lady who can smell bullshit when it's put on a plate in front of her with the expectation that she's sop it up.

And Lily HAS matured, BECAUSE OF DAVETTA! Damn you and your job stealing!

Still, Khalil is anxious to tackle a more mature Lily. "When I first came on the show, I was so young and couldn't deal with the stress of coming to work every day and having so much pressure on me," she admits. "Now that I've had time to grow up, I'm really excited about coming back. Now I know I can handle it and do my best and have fun. This time I was in the right frame of mind."
You simple bitch.

Now for some sense, from Victoria Rowell:

"Christel is a good actress. She's always done the part justice," says Rowell.

"She came to work on time. Knew her lines. Etcetera."

"I enjoyed working with Davetta. I felt she complemented the Winters family and, most definitely, the mother-daughter relationship. There was a gritty elegance about Davetta that mirrored Drucilla. I was sorry to hear she was no longer a part of the cast and I wish her the best in all her future endeavors."


Okay, that last one was maybe a bit much. Maybe. Nah, it wasn't ENOUGH.


jcleopatra said...

Thanks for that!

Darn said...

No prob, thank you for e-mailing it to me. What a bunch of crap they're all spilling.

Dee said...

Cathartic, huh? lol

Anonymous said...

I won't be able to ever watch the show again. Too much backstabbing and lying and mistreatment of actors. I also don't like how the writers are trying to get people to forget Davetta. They know damn well nobody wants that horseface bony heiffer back.

Kaboom said...

I cannot believe that shit was actually put into print. And yeah, the show is 'very happy' to have you back, dumbass, because of the direction they no doubt want to take with Devon/Lily. GRRRRRRRRRR

And that unnamed source can suck my left one.

janie said...

I never saw CK as Lily, but I can't imagine liking anyone else, even if what I'm reading didn't make her sound like an utterly crap actress.

I'm curious what you've thought of Michael lately? Yesterday and today made me love him again, particularly with the telling-off of Gloria. Christian LeBlanc has really been awesome in these hospital scenes.

jcleopatra said...

Just read an article saying part of the reason Davetta was fired was b/c Christel just had better Chemistry with Michael. If that isn't the dumbest thing I've ever heard.....

Anonymous said...

you should only know the truth..........

Darn said...

That was mysterious...what IS the truth? Please spill, my e-mail address is in my profile.

kia said...

what the hell does that mean?

Jaymie said...

i'm curious too mysterious stranger.... SPILL!