Jun 15, 2007

Daytime Emmys II: Julie Berman Goes For The Shiv

Darn (9:14:39 PM): What is on YOUR HEAD, BREE?

Jase (9:14:54 PM): Next time don't smoke meth before the show, Bree.

Darn (9:15:06 PM): That's like saying don't breathe.

Darn (9:15:19 PM): Trent Dawson? Not gay, I was shocked.

Jase (9:15:25 PM): He is gay, COME ON.

Jase (9:15:33 PM): GOOO

Jase (9:15:36 PM): GO DAN!

Jase (9:15:38 PM): RADIOOOO!!!

Darn (9:15:37 PM): He said he has a girlfriend, I KNOW.

Darn (9:15:42 PM): GO DAN!

Jase (9:15:45 PM): He's gonna lose, dammit.

Jase (9:15:47 PM): I know it.

Darn (9:15:50 PM): Yeah.

(9:15:58 PM): Uh, shut up Ric.

Jase (9:16:05 PM): It would be too much of a humiliation to ABC for him to win.

Darn (9:16:13 PM): Character Ric, you keep clapping or whatever Hearst.

Darn (9:16:20 PM): Shut up, Kevin.

Jase (9:16:23 PM): Greg Rikaart? Coke Boy, no.

Jase (9:16:32 PM): Not him, Kevin.

Darn (9:16:47 PM): Oh, my baby Dru.

Darn (9:16:50 PM): I need a moment.

Darn (9:16:52 PM): Moments.

Darn (9:17:09 PM): Oh lord.

Darn (9:17:15 PM): He doesn't need another one.

Jase (9:17:22 PM): Yeah, you know they did that just so they could give it to ANYONE but DG.

Jase (9:17:23 PM): F THAT

Darn (9:17:41 PM): I know Forbes and Bree were rooting for Dan, AS WELL THEY SHOULD.

Jase (9:17:44 PM): I liked the look on Kristoff St. John's face when they cut to him, like, "yeah, never happening!"

Darn (9:17:56 PM): No gold lady for the black man.

Jase (9:18:17 PM): Rick Hearst, I seethe with anger.

Darn (9:18:21 PM): Haha, Tony Geary is officially Elton John.

Jase (9:18:29 PM): He looks like Mr. Freeze, I'm saying.

Jase (9:18:42 PM): IZ A CONSPIRACY

Jase (9:18:54 PM): They had to give it to someone other than Dan, I's angered.

Darn (9:19:16 PM): Okay, I thought they were gonna say Morgan Freeman.

Jase (9:19:20 PM): Morgan Fairchild. "We're too ashamed to show any more current daytime stars, so he's a marginal celebrity with a tenuous connection!"

Jase (9:19:37 PM): WOW she looks good.

Darn (9:19:46 PM): She's ageless.

Darn (9:20:12 PM): This is the highlight for me, Zimmerman.

Jase (9:20:19 PM): ZIM ZIMMA!

Jase (9:20:24 PM): Invader Zim, I hate you.

Darn (9:20:37 PM): What happened to dramatic montages?

Darn (9:20:56 PM): This YouTube shit is just pissing me off.

Jase (9:21:28 PM): IT'S HIP AND CURRENT!

Darn (9:21:29 PM): Gay, gay, more gay.

Jase (9:21:30 PM): AND CHEAP!

Darn (9:21:31 PM): No, I kid.

Jase (9:21:36 PM): Team Gay

Darn (9:21:44 PM): Two of them have kids, the other makes up for the gay.

Darn (9:22:06 PM): She's gonsta gets it.

Darn (9:22:23 PM): Her face is weird to me, post car accident?

Jase (9:22:33 PM): I like her.

Jase (9:22:37 PM): But Julie should win.

Darn (9:22:48 PM): I know, I like her, just her face. I dunno, leave me be.

Darn (9:23:07 PM): Muff Diver Jennifer Landon.

Darn (9:23:13 PM): That's her title, I looked it up.

Jase (9:23:28 PM): Haha, goal.

Jase (9:23:49 PM): I heard she and Jesse were both of the gay. Make my dreams come true, why don'tcha.

Jase (9:24:10 PM): Did you see Julie Berman?

Jase (9:24:12 PM): Going for the shiv.

Darn (9:24:28 PM): She...didn't deserve that.

Jase (9:24:50 PM): She's very good.

Darn (9:24:50 PM): I mean Jennifer Landon didn't.

Jase (9:24:55 PM): But Julie should've won.

Darn (9:25:02 PM): Yeah but Julie had the better story.

Jase (9:25:04 PM): Julie looks PISSED.

Jase (9:25:11 PM): It'll come, Jules.

Darn (9:25:21 PM): Next year I bet.

Jase (9:25:27 PM): Oh yes.

Jase (9:25:53 PM): "K-Mart Studio Blue?!"

Jase (9:26:50 PM): HAHAHAHA, Lisa Rinna's like, thank you Rick, back on your meds.

Jase (9:28:25 PM): Man, just drive my K-Mart analogy home with a stake. An ACTUAL K-MART ROOM. Not even a green room, a BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL ROOM.

Jase (9:28:34 PM): Looks like a ghetto ass Planet Krypton.

Darn (9:29:00 PM): Haha, win.

Darn (9:31:27 PM): SHUT UP, RYAN.

Jase (9:31:50 PM): Here's why I tuned in, Thorsten Kaye waxing philosophical about The Mike Douglas Show.

Darn (9:32:10 PM): I bet some people did, I'm just sayin'.

Darn (9:32:25 PM): Tyra: I'M A STRONG BLACK WOMAN, Y'ALL!


Darn (9:33:03 PM): Dr. Phil is one Oprah from sexual predator.

Darn (9:33:44 PM): Oh, I hope The View wins. Them bitches crazy.

Jase (9:34:13 PM): Man, if ever a year The View should win...

Darn (9:34:25 PM): I know, right?

Darn (9:34:40 PM): With Rosie it was absolutely fascinating television.

Jase (9:34:58 PM): Haha, Ellen, THANK YOU!

Darn (9:35:03 PM): Ellen wins.

Darn (9:35:12 PM): Fuck Tyra and Dr. Phil.

Jase (9:35:16 PM): THANK YOU ELLEN.

Jase (9:35:21 PM): This is what I wanted her to do.

Jase (9:35:30 PM): She never talks about being gay.

Darn (9:35:51 PM): That was funny, I like you Ellen.

Jase (9:35:58 PM): Austin Peck.

Darn (9:36:08 PM): Say no more.

Jase (9:36:19 PM): Oh no. ONLY AT THE DAYTIME EMMYS.

Jase (9:36:38 PM): Any other awards show his camera would've been confiscated. Here? Just come on the stage doing any old shit.

Jase (9:37:24 PM): Later, someone comes out slugging from a 40.

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crc said...

I'm reading you guys blog and I'm about to bust a gut! LOL! When Jase described the Daytime Emmys to K-Mart, I couldn't wait to get to the part where they actually showed the K-Mart blue light special room. Ha ha ha! They didn't even try to pretend that they had class. First, they set the awards show in a trailer park clubhouse and then they got K-Mart to sponser the interview room.

It was a like one huge swap meet on TV!