Jun 21, 2007

DOOL - LORD OF TIME with manilla envelope

Secret DiMera contact.
Is it someone from their past, or with that hood, is it in fact

THE TIME TRAPPER. I knew that motherfucker was still out there. Pocket Universe my ass!

jase: HATE NuSteph.
jase: So much.
Darn: She is so uncalled for. All of them, WHY?
jase: Shayna Rose, bring her back. Stephanie needs to be on canvas but this one is just a dumb little bimbo. "My Nazi boyfriend loves me!"
Darn: Jett, Jeremy and Stephanie in a story no one cared about or wanted to see, they don't even have scenes with their relatives, they sit on a beach and talk about planes and Las Vegas, it's so awful.
jase: What a travesty of a Jeremy. I always saw him as a Nick type but I love Nick and don't like Chelsea falling for these Corbin Fisher dudes.
jase: Chelsea, don't you understand that when Jeremy is done with you it's back to the studios for a "Flip Flop Fuck" with Dawson?
Darn: It is laughable, it's Passions bad.
Darn: And watching Chelsea, Nick and Max (who are all 3 really good actors) try to make something of it is pathetic.
jase: Nick and Chelsea are so amazing and already they're tossing him out for a while and batting him around so she can get donkeypunchfucked by these huge bohunks.

More HARD, DEEP, PROBING exploration of the Brady/DiMera feud from these past few episodes coming this weekend. kthnx.


Promising Ingenue said...

I really didn't appreciate Shayna Rose when we had her, you know? And now I feel really badly for mocking her too-long hair and sort of rabbit like smile because I have seen how bad it's gotten and OMG PLEASE COME BACK, SHAYNA!

And I, for one, totally look forward to your post on Britsoaps that you mentioned! I already loved you for your hilarity, and now that I know you love Eastenders, I love you even more. In a completely appropriate, non-stalky way, I mean.

jase said...

Well, I LOVED Eastenders. Back some time ago. Now they've killed almost everybody I watched and I don't want to see Phil beating more women; it's one thing when it's a semi-honest portrayal of a Sonny Corinthos-type character, but he's been at it for years! I guess it's good that, unlike Sonny, they have apparently given Phil a more age appropriate, mature, tough love interest. It should only take him three or four years to start beating and terrorizing this one.

I loved Shayna Rose except for the unfortunate "Mommy and Daddy must be together" period. Wasn't her fault she had to play the Max story. I thought she had a really unique look and was a fine actress. This chick is a fembot.

We are trying to switch things up a bit. Darn might do a week of OLTL and AMC posts, I may do a week of Y&R. I am giving GL a whirl for a week. I will also be doing special posts on some of the classic soap eps on YouTube, like Love Of Life - always wanted to see it - and old DOOL, and of course my favorite, the Eeeeedddgggeee.ofnight. If I can just find my old acquaintance from the "Cincy Soap Hood" to give background info on the obscure soaps of the '70s...

paddymcpaddy said...

ZOMG the Time Trapper! And I thought I was the only dork-girl-who-reads-comics and loves ANNA!

jase said...

Girl, possibly. Dork, no.