Jun 15, 2007

Daytime Emmys V: Slow Death

Darn (10:53:30 PM): None of them deserve it so why are we...why?

Jase (10:53:40 PM): GL does more than most, knew it.

Jase (10:53:46 PM): Is the other award to save face for Frons?

Darn (10:54:02 PM): I dunno, GH isn't even nominated.

Darn (10:54:08 PM): And that's all he cares about.

Darn (10:54:22 PM): Okay, all of y'all do not need to be up there.

Darn (10:54:47 PM): OKAY, MOVE IT ALONG.

Darn (10:54:53 PM): I haven't even ate today.

Jase (10:54:58 PM): It's far from a perfect show but they seem to really be trying.

Jase (10:54:59 PM): Me, barely.

Jase (10:55:05 PM): HAHA, SUCK IT BRIAN!

Darn (10:55:07 PM): Oh...little yay.

Darn (10:55:20 PM): Stupid show winning the Emmy, now LML is gonna stay.

Darn (10:55:23 PM): For fuck's sake.

Jase (10:55:29 PM): I'm just glad ABC lost.

Darn (10:55:32 PM): SIT DOWN, WOMAN, I HATE YOU.

Jase (10:55:40 PM): My network needs to stop being coddled with GH awards.

Jase (10:56:09 PM): Wow, Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat joined Y&R!

Darn (10:56:14 PM): I see now why the people backstage are backstage.

Darn (10:56:52 PM): So undeserved but look at the competition.

Darn (10:56:58 PM): Now the show just...ends.

Darn (10:57:11 PM): Why wasn't Rachael Ray just made the host?

Darn (10:57:16 PM): Whatever, slow death.

Jase (10:57:47 PM): "Everyone please use the service entrance, there is a bar mitzvah upstairs! No, just the one entrance!"

Jase (10:57:57 PM): "The dogs will be released in fifteen minutes! Ten!"


crc said...

Darn, Jase, you guys rock!

From this point on, if anybody wants to illustrate why daytime is in such crap shape, just pop in the taping of this show.

I mean, seriously... what was that?

Oh, one last thing. Vicky Rowell should have ran up on that stage, stole that Emmy from the freak because she carried that show for the whole freakin' year. Although you wouldn't know it from her zero appearance in the show's montage.

Darn said...

I can't believe Bryton didn't thank her. And I fully expect the show to stop referring to her period much less include her in their precious shitty Emmy montage.

Thanks for reading, crc!

jase said...

We are grateful one person found us funny. I didn't. It was a rough night. Also, I may have a concussion. Seriously. Long story. Short, actually.

Kaboom said...

I love you guys! Your blog helped me get thru what was possibly the worst Daytime Emmys show I've ever seen.

Kmart? Really?? KMART? They couldn't find any other damn sponsor for the blue light special room?? Damn damn damn!