Jun 15, 2007

Daytime Emmys III: Little Richie Gets A Tchotchke

Darn (9:44:24 PM): Brandon Beemer, gay explosion.

Jase (9:45:02 PM): BLUE STEEL

Jase (9:45:07 PM): Martha Madison looks the best she ever has.

Darn (9:45:35 PM): And that's barely good!

Darn (9:45:38 PM): Go Martha!

Darn (9:45:51 PM): Okay, fixed.

Jase (9:46:00 PM): Jesse Soffer, Male God.

Darn (9:46:00 PM): They nommed someone from Passions? Lords.

Jase (9:46:07 PM): PITY NOM

Darn (9:46:12 PM): Haha.

Darn (9:46:34 PM): AWESOME!

Jase (9:46:37 PM): The entire cast of Family Matters better be there.

Darn (9:46:41 PM): I like Bryton.

Jase (9:46:42 PM): Oh, come on, LITTLE RICHIE? No, Darn.

Darn (9:46:48 PM): No, he's good shut up.

Jase (9:46:53 PM): He better thank Telma Hopkins.

Darn (9:47:02 PM): And Jaleel.

Darn (9:47:04 PM): Like right now.

Darn (9:47:52 PM): He...didn't think Victoria Rowell...that's okay.

Jase (9:48:05 PM): Susan Flannery looks like Truman Capote.

Jase (9:48:18 PM): Just, standing in the crowd. BUDGET.

Jase (9:50:08 PM): Silly ass B&B.

Jase (9:50:39 PM): Dr. Phil takes time out from taking his son to the de-gaying camp again.

Darn (9:54:39 PM): Don't even let him onstage during his tribute.

Darn (9:54:54 PM): OH I KNOW, too many people on stage and it collapses.

Jase (9:55:40 PM): HAHA, goal.

Jase (10:01:49 PM): Haha, a hanging chads joke, never old, Jerry, never old!

Darn (10:04:04 PM): Lead Actress already?

Darn (10:04:19 PM): This is the Little League of award shows.

Jase (10:04:24 PM): Damn, what is this, 90 minutes?

Jase (10:04:40 PM): I thought, "no it can't be," but uh...damn.

Darn (10:05:40 PM): Uh, okay, she's good.

Jase (10:05:58 PM): Good for Weimar Republic Carly.

Jase (10:06:04 PM): Man, Andy Dixon is still cute.

Darn (10:07:59 PM): Oh wait, I get it now, with all the YouTube and computer stuff they're APPEALING TO OUR GENERATION!

Jase (10:08:33 PM): I GET IT NOW!

Darn (10:08:37 PM): Is that...the lady from Life Goes On?

Darn (10:08:43 PM): No, no she's not.

Jase (10:08:50 PM): I had no idea Little Edie from Grey Gardens was one of the directors at ATWT.

Darn (10:08:57 PM): ME EITHER!

Jase (10:09:07 PM): Still your turn.

Jase (10:09:22 PM): Although I guess we don't have enough yet.

Darn (10:09:24 PM): I know, I'm waiting for more.

Jase (10:09:59 PM): Ah, Lee Phillip Bell, this is yours.

Darn (10:10:00 PM): Peter Bergman? Also ageless.

Darn (10:10:11 PM): I...don't know this ho.

Darn (10:10:20 PM): Joking!

Darn (10:10:25 PM): Haha, really, no.

Darn (10:10:45 PM): They aren't even giving it to her there!

Darn (10:10:49 PM): What a rip-off!

Jase (10:10:54 PM): Oh good God.

Jase (10:10:58 PM): That is awful.

Darn (10:11:07 PM): Wow, this is truly the monster truck rally of award shows.

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