Sep 21, 2006

Y&R - Bark Kent

Who's the best dog in the whole wide world? Who's the best dog? You are! Yesyouare!

Well-behaved house dog for the CEO for a conglomerate Zap Pato was just another pup trying to make ends meet UNTIL one day his owner got very ill and a long dormant ability of his came to light! With this power revealed Zap saw his chance to help human and canine-kind alike, he’d use his newly gained seizure sniffing prowess to save the kindly old businessmen of the world. But to protect his identity he needed a code-name and a costume, with some quick thinking and the help of Miguel Zap Pato became...

Zapato!: SuperPup

Superheight: 2' 3"
Superweight: 70 lbs
Supersize (for the bitches out there): 4”
Superpower: Seizure sniffin’!
Superquote: “Lassie? Female. Did them, there were like 10. Rin tin tin? Female. Did her. Twice. Benji? Did him. Don’t wanna talk about it.”


Darn said...

This is just me fooling around so be kind.

smartyshorts said...

holy Crap, I laughed so hard i think I wet myself.
Darn's Superpower: Cutting to the Motherfucking CHASE.
Put that shit on a cape.

Dee said...

ROFL@Zap Pato. You are so special. So, So, Soooo special.

PS: Hecuba? STILL laughin, yo. Still laughin.

Kaboom said...

LOL You are too much, Darn. :0)

I agree, Dee, the Hecuba comment was Genius!