Sep 23, 2006

Y&R - Thurs/Fri - Cruel Joy

Neil [to Dru]: Sometimes you need to face yourself.

Man, fuck you. Fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou.

That bastard made MYDru cry! He made her cry (Victoria Rowell was fantastic and is a jewel, if this story is worth anything, and I fear it isn't, it's VR's performances)! I just don't understand where he's coming from. Yes, she lied. Yes, she was wrong. But he acts like she's this horrible person with all these problems who's nothing but a nuisance to him. And that is not how it should be. Let him be mad at her. FINE! Anger I can take but he treats her like an ill-tempered child not his partner in life. It's an odd choice by the writers and by Kristoff St. John.

Speaking of bitches, Gloria returned entirely too quickly from her trip.

Gloria: Oh, Katherine, Jill, you want to know WHAT the perfume is made of? You LIKE THE SMELL OF IT?! So do I, SO DO I. But I cannot reveal my SECRET INGREDIENT! Let's just say China is a very progressive country, VERY PROGRESSIVE! They understand the NEED for scarifices in the NAME of ART!

Random thoughts on Y&R's Rosh Hashanah
  • My boss left early Friday and I don't have to work on Yom Kippur. I love my Jewish brothers and sisters.
  • I wonder if Abby is going to be raised Jewish.
  • Brad's new mom is a lot shall we say, like a sitcom Jewish mom. At least she's age appropriate.
  • I hope Brad and Rebecca weren't too uncomfortable around that Aryan motherfucker JT.
  • I'm hungry.
  • Colleen, don't puke up grandma's food. Or not eat it at all. Whatever disorder you're going with hold it off til tomorrow. Show some fucking respect.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! BRAD IS JEWISH, Y'ALL! JEWEY JEW JEW! ISN'T IT FANTASTIC AND DIFFERENT?! I don't dislike it as much as my sarcasm might make you think, I just...don't care.

Bitch, it's called jetlag. Take a nap! I am so effing sick of Gloria and Kay&Jill, her cheerleaders. It's sickening.

"I'm Kay! And I'm Jill! And we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE GLORIA!"

This whole story is an absurd nightmare. It makes no sense within the current reality or in the characters pasts. Gloria Fisher, back alley grifter, little education, little employ, no business knowledge, goes to another country, impresses the masses, draws up a business plan BY HERSELF that takes into account every possible mistake that can arise with a new product and...okay, you win. I am defeated. Gloria is sparkly and wonderful and look at her spunk! Mary Richards is jealous! For you, a SONG (which I've already done or should have done long ago):

Gloria, die Gloooriaaaa

Things ain't been the saaaame
Since you came this wAAAAaaay,

Gloria, diiiiIIIIIIiiiiie, GloriaaaaaAAAHHH

I don't wanna see you another daaaaaaAAAAAy

Where are they going with this Shack thing? I dunno but it's nice to see Nick squirm. Maybe we'll be rid of Phylick by the end of this. Crossing fingers!

I was ready to get on TPTB for Jack's musical tastes but...I like country, I like the Dixie Chicks, and I like friggin' Panic! At The Disco and all sorts of other stuff. I hardly ever listen to rap though, doesn't do it for me. So good on Jacko for the rap and gospel. Now I want to see him jaming to them.

Is Victor better or not? He's more like himself yet...not. This story was so promising at first, now I'm not even sure where we are.

Dear HappyFunVictor,

If you're in there, I love you. I miss you. Come back. Go away. I hate you. You bring me joy, you bring me pain. I'm sorry, you're wonderful yet horrible. Oh, the dichotomy!



Dee said...

Didju quote Enchantment?!?!?! *deaddddddddddddddddddddd*

Darn said...

How did I know you would appreciate that, Dee? I just knew it! I love that song so so much. I almost feel bad for using it on Hecuba.

crc said...

Darn, does that picture of the kids reveal Gloria's secret ingredient? LOL!

Darn said...

I can't say! Looking at the name of the pic might give a clue. Just a little one. Heh.

books said...

I thought Vic was coming back in a blaze of glory - oh well.

Kaboom said...

I think I don't want OG Grambo Victor back.

I just...don't care...about BradBot's Jewishness. His SL began as ludicrous (luda!) and has now slid into filler, imho.

What can I say about this whole GloBag SL debacle that Darn hasn't? If what Darn suggests really IS her secret ingredient then I'm sure she's got some poor MBA-grad locked up somewhere, churning out shit that makes her look compentent and sane. WhatEVer, LML.

Dee said...

I just...don't care...about BradBot's Jewishness. His SL began as ludicrous (luda!) and has now slid into filler, imho.

PREACH, chile. They should've waited 6 months to a year & focused on doing some serious character rehab on Brad before embarking on this whole religious conversion storyline.

I love that song so so much.

Me too. That's the cut, yo.

Last but not least?

Hecuba. Must. Die.

smartyshorts said...

Word to the twenty third.

And seriously, did Neil always hate dru this much? It's like he's giddy to finally have a reason to show his contempt for his wife. is he getting back at her for the Paris years?
Maybe kevin will set his Jazz club alight with him in it.