Sep 27, 2006

Y&R - Wonder Fall

Let me be clear this is not (solely) ABOUT LILY or Davetta Sherwood's firing.

What is going on with Y&R? Anyone care to speculate? What's the reason for the change in writing, direction, cast, etc? Yes, they've given reasons (to freshen it up, quicken the pace), however Y&R has been chugging along perfectly well, retaining it's core audience and consistently considered tops in daytime.

It seems to me that Y&R has stopped thinking in the long-term, as it once did and is only concerned with the here and now. Not the longlasting damage the here and now causes to characters or stories. The writing is sluggish and workman-like. The characters make no sense, not even in the new reality the new powers that be have created. When you can't make sense within your own universe, there is a problem. Stories with promise either last too long with too many interludes or are quickly rushed through.

The stories, characters and scenes are ill-conceived, illogical and inconsistent. It's not the end of the world or the worst of soaps or horrid television. It's simply not Y&R.

There seems to be an effort to test our patience, love and loyalty and I'm not crazy about being toyed with because someone felt like shaking up the show for no good reason.


Anonymous said...

Darn, you are so in my head. You succintly articulated EXACTLY what I've been feeling.

*Y&R wasn't broken, so why all the changes.
*Y&R wasn't slumping in the ratings.

Carolyn Hinsey, SOD has even been saying for weeks now that the writing on Y&R is all over the place and that it's obvious that the writers are not allowed to complete stories that they may have initiated, thus leading to inconsistency.

Yeah, Davetta is not the sole reason to be disappointed in Y&R, but it sure as hell seems like a deep, unjust cut when she was one half of the only reason I kept tuning in. Yes, Y&R is still number one, but it's a shadow of its former self...the mind boggles.

Dee said...

Y&R is becoming just like ABC Daytime.

Which makes sense given the overwhelming influx of ex ABC employees on Y&R's payroll.

In recent years Y&R's latent issues have slowly began to surface & are greatly exacerbated now even moreso due to BB's passing & each of his handpicked successors successive failures.

Dee said...

Fuck it. They need to let me write the show.

Kaboom said...

Yes they do.

I just got into work and immediately came here like I do every morning. W. T. F. is going on?? I dropped Y&R once before, I'll do it again, I swear.

I cannot take CK a second time. I'm already FF'ng almost everything but Jack, Ashley and Michael (and he is on tedious ground with me as it is).


janie said...

What? What? What?

I am so clueless here, but you're scaring me! Can you fill me in? (I don't mind spoilers.)

Darn said...

Davetta Sherwood (Lily) got fired (and is being replaced by the old one) and I lost my mind for about 4 hours. I'm slightly better now but still pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Fired? Why? She's adorable! I think she's great.

I'm crushed. Are other things going on, or is this the worst?

janie said...

Oops...That last comment was me again.

Lisa said...

Hey, Darn! I love your blog & thanks for signing the petition! I'm the admin for Davetta fan board. Link enclosed.