Sep 20, 2006

Y&R - Ladybits

I know I missed an episode but Victor had brain surgery Friday right? And already he's home? Those pesky HMOs! In and out! I bet it's cause he's German. Racists.

Quite uncalled for, Drucilla. Do you realize the physicaly, actual physical pain I feel when you do these things to yourself that should not be done? Makes me cry. Tears of blood. Please stop doing these things which make you look not good. I can't even talk right anymore! Correctly, properly, I don't even know! Your image on the bright box bewilders, angers and saddens me so.

Victoria: Brad?
Brad: Victoria, what do you want?
Victoria: I just--oh! Oh, nothing.
Brad: Oh, Victoria, I apologize, let's start over.
Victoria: Okay, okay. Find your mom?
Brad: No, not yet.
Victoria: Oh, I'm sure she's just swimming along the banks of Istanbul.
Brad: You...are...a...dumbass.
Victoria: Dumbass? Brad!
Brad: Aww, sweetie, it's French.
Victoria: Oh.
Brad: French for dumbass. Dumbass.

Loved, loved, LOVED Lily defending her mom. She is...delicious. And did those nasty little trolls call Colleen fat? Uh, okay. Yeah, what a fatty. I can barely see Lily behind all those mounds of fat. Fatty fat fat fatty. Fat. Shut up, dayplayers.

Let's take a look at the women on this show, while watching Victoria, with sadness in her eyes basically beg to share his feelins with her and ask him questions she should have asked months ago it hit me that there is a disturbing trend among the female characters on this show. They're all sad mopey messes who allow life to happen to them as opposed to making life happen for them.

- It's been a long process but Lauren has surely but steadily been str
ipped of the characteristics that make her so interesting. The bad girl trying to make good. Now she's a good girl trying to deal with Michael's crazy family and that's all she's been for 2 years now.

Sharon - Always the heroine meant to sit around and cry into her bosom as her life fell apart around her, unfortunately all the other females seem to be taking on her characteristics as she becomes somewhat stronger.

Katherine & Jill - If the show isn't going to treat them as separate entities, why should I? Spots of strength but mostly background and filler and this is completely unacceptable. This stuff with Jabot and Billy is a chance to have Kay and especially Jill get some of their spark back but do I think that was the intetion? Not really.

Ashley - Left to react to the maneuvering of Jack and Gloria, hasn't been her own person in quite a while. I thought it'd be a cold day in hell before I'd ask for the return of Ashley. I fucking HATED Ashley for so long. Now I want her back! What. In. The. Hell?

- Loon.

Victoria - DECLAWED with the recast, mousey housewife, fades into the background as her husband doesn't bother to hide his love for another woman.

- Insecure fastass, apparently

- Strongest around yet still just reacting to the choices Neil has made about their life. Dru said the other week that Dru needs to do for Dru but has she? No, she's landed herself in jail for shredding t
he clothes of the woman Neil is messing around with. Not doing for Dru, hurting Dru.

Nikki - Always left to react to Victor and his unilateral decisions, this could have been her chance to shine with Victor incapacitated but no, just more of the same. Nikki reacting to the changes in Victor's life. Same house, fresh coat of paint.

Lily - So sad and lonely she took Daniel back without making him work for it. She's still young and that kinda lets that slide and wouldn't even matter if the older women weren't acting in similar ways.

Phyllis - The saddest of them all. Like Lauren, a bad girl trying to make good...for herself. Until she met the Most Popular Boy in school and completely lost her will to live. Nick has sapped her of life, this story has sapped her of energy and if this continues people are gonna start wondering why they loved her in the first place. This is the most dire case and needs to be rectified ASAP.


books said...

You are very insightful and I completely agree with all your summations!

Kaboom said...

Sometimes I feel guilty for taking up space just to repeat, again, "word, Darn, word" but you really hit the nail on the head with your assessment of the current situation of the female characters on the show.

I would actuallly welcome the return of wimpy Sharin' if it meant the other females characters would get their ooomph back.

And snaps for using a pic of HT as Victoria. Because there is NO other.

Demig said...

Darn, please, please, please send your summation to the writers. I don't think they realize what we see. And everytime Victoothy looks at theBot with her left eye welling with tears, I want to slap her so hard, just to see the stupid tears fall.

Dee said...

ITA. Tee Hee@Loon.

Mellyn said...


Wouldn't it be something if HT came back...and slapped all the Stepfordness out of the GC women??


You are too fabulous!!!

jfdb said...

Yeah, it's redundant, but you are just that brilliant, so once again: Preach it, Darn!

What a sad state of affairs. I swear they've made so that Jill and Katherine can only be shot in pairs, never a single frame for them.

Today AGAIN with the Glo Shit. And Neil. Bleh. Bad show, smarten up!

Darn said...

Aww, thank you guys. I'd planned to do just the regular post, covering Tuesday and Wednesday but watch Victoria SOB because her husband, the guy who's lied to her since they before they married and who doesn't hide his affection for another woman and has kissed this woman, doesn't share his feelings with her. ARGH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?! It frustrated me so much that I stopped and drew that up. Glad I did and glad people agree.

And HT is, was and always will be Victoria.

crc said...

Sorry for posting so late. LOL! The way the female characters are being written is even worse then when Kay Alden was writing, and that's saying a lot.

I've noticed, at least with this show, that the female writers of all people seem to be the ones to take the female characters back a couple generations.