Sep 5, 2006

Y&R - Monday - What a Revoltin' Development

Wha--wha--wha? What in the hell is going on? What is going on with this show? It's not awful but I swear it doesn't make sense anymore.

Kay and Jill jokingly saying that Gloria should be CEO, "Queen Gloria", VP of Creative Affairs? That shit ain't funny! Kevin and Gloria moping about and acting like it's them against the world because Jack is seemingly the only person in town that isn't kissing their ass? DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! This evil, satanic heffa gets an office and a title and John's SON has to work in the mailroom? Makes me ill. Why didn't this bitch have to start by scrubbing floors and licking countertops?

This HAS HAS HAS to be a set up for her downfall! If it's not, I will choke a bitch. With a mop.

Why don't you just apologize for breathing, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I--I'm sorry, Nick. I'll just cycle my carbon dioxide over here. Sorry.

Oh my GOD! She was actually singing today! And I'm pretty sure that was part of SoM's score. Yeah, it was. It was. Why doesn't Phyllis just skip down the Newman halls while sucking on a lollipop and counting the rings on her baby belly? Why doesn't she buy out Toys R Us' supply of Rainbow Brite dolls? Ask MommyNikki for clothing advice for this fall's sockhop?

That scene was quite funny, Sharon Case cracked me up with the head swivel. Stop making me like you, chica. Not cool.


Sorry, sometimes I get struck with a blinding rage, and here I thought I was done with Gloho and son for today but nope! I'm fine, so very happy, thrilled really, with hating Gloria and Kevin, in fact I hope they both catch a social disease and die. Preferrably painfully and slowly and But if I have to watch them bring down this couple that I adore...I won't stand for it.

I've decided that if I was born rich, white, pompous, sexy and with a head full of the most amazing hair this side of the Mississippi I would be Jack Abbott. Could still happen. You never know.

Billy's been in Miami. Miami has a huge gay population. I'm just sayin'. Hopin' and prayin' but just sayin'.

I know you're like "But what about the horror that happened at the end of the show today? What the shit was that about? Talk about that!".

Hmmm...can't. Can't. Won't. You choose.



smartyshorts said...

If I ever get knocked up with a miracle baby, I'm gonna make damn sure it ain't by anyone who has even been NEAR the Newman men. Not even a second cousin. Because I have no desire to become a singing dishrag. Oh Phyllis, what has this BOY done to you???

Bring on the Crazy Bitter drunkard Sharon. Yes, Bring her. Because as much as I hated that mopheaded beeyotch this time last month, that's how much I will not hate her if she stays this sassy, and slightly crazy. And if she starts making out with Dru.
(I refuse to believe that theat last scene was anything but a dream sequence...bee bop-ah doo wop la la la la la bang bang boopee doodle!!)

Ooooh, Billy and John Abbot Jr scheming together? Me likey!

Kevin thinks there's no future for him at Jabot? The fuck? really? Perhaps because you've been at your job for about two weeks, and in the office a day or two? NOW you've concluded there's no future for you, even though you are Already a fucking Executive of IT? Shut it before i shut it for you. Permenantly. Could we bring back Alex and one of his K-Fed chapeaus to rain down the smack ass on Kevin please?

Darn said...

Newman dick produces a tape worm that sucks all your brain power. Look at Ashley and Nikki and Diane. Look at Sharon and Grace and Phyllis. Noah's gonna be leaving women (or men) as vegetables, he's got his mother's magical vagina and his father's poisonous pecker.

And yes, God help me, I'm not hating Sharon. She just so...justified in her anger. I love it. Too bad it's made Nick and Phyllis detestable. Well, more detestable.

janie said...

Billy looks like Early Man, and his acting sucks. I was really hoping he'd disappear as quickly as Tracy unfortunately did.

I saw the Jack/Sharon "plot" coming a mile away. I hoped and prayed I was wrong. I just don't think they have the right kind of chemistry.

This will not be pretty.

Darn said...

I've known about it for a while and what I posted was my initial reaction. Now I just really want it to be over. You're right, they don't have the right kind of chemistry. Not romantic or sexual. It's just another plot-happy bump in the road.

Smart Alec said...

I never hate individual characters as much as I hate awful romantic pairings. Jack and Sharon?!!! I get the show a day ahead here in Canada and when it aired I was eating an early dinner - Help! I'm gagging!!! sums up my reaction. Here's what I'm hoping: Brad gets jealous, dumps NarmFace and stakes his oily claim on Sharon. Phyllis grows her fucking brain back and realizes she's still hot for Jack, thereby derailing any Nick/Phyl longterm pairing. Jack makes it clear to the audience that he's only using Sharon in some sick but brilliant game to screw the Newmans and make Phyllis jealous. And if it doesn't happen, at least I'll have the memories of this brainstorm.

jfdb said...

The above, is what *should* happen, if classic Y&R is to be believed. But I worry we are in another 'Era' the LML Era and so we shall wait and see.

Darn, you need to find Z and Dru and Dily vids to calm your nerves. Hell, I know I do. On paper, I can do with the plot device, but on screen, it was ten billion shades of wrong! Smilin Jack need not dig in the gutter for favors! Ugh. It's like I need a shower.

Thank you and thank you again for the Campaign of Truth against Glo. I swear they are doing voiceover for Katherine and Jill. They are really saying "Get this bitch away from us!!" but Lynne dubbed over it with "Gee whiz, Glo, you sure are hard done by! Here, take the company." It's utter horseshit.

Word on the Laurel. Maybe I'll stop watching them so I can preserve the love.

I can't even discuss Phyl, er, the giggly heffa. It's too upsetting. Newman sperm is a frontal lobotomy akin to an H-bomb leaving a trail of Pod women in it's wake. Noah will be some kind of supersexfreakzombie, you called it.

Kaboom said...

I agree with smart alec, if that DID happen I would probably not FF thru Brad, CCNF and Phylick like I have been.

I likey Billy and Jack plotting together too, especially if they can bring down GloBag and Kevin.

Why is it that LML is insisting on making our fave characters so detestable? I've always loved Michael because he definitely plays in the gray area, for example, but his sudden blind devotion to his hag of a mother is making me hate him. I am SO hoping that having those 2 moochers living with Laurel doesn't endanger their baby in some way.

Oh, was there a kiss between Sharin' and Jack? I don't know what you're talking about. la la la Nothing happened tra la la...

crc said...

Darn, just go ahead and shread that Bitch Card. Phyllis apologizing to NiClueless was the last straw. Phyllis is dead and we have a Stepford Wife in her place.

Whatever Kay and Jill are smoking these days, must be some good shyt! GloHo gets a promotion and raise for doing nothing but being a witch, while Billy, Abbott heir, gets thrown into the mail room? Perhaps the asbestos in the Chancellor mansion has been eating away at their brain cells.