Jul 5, 2006

ATWT - Love ya, Ben

Benjamin Hendrickson

August 26, 1950 - July 3, 2006

Fantastic Actor. Fabulous Hair. Forever Beloved.


janie said...


That's so sad. I loved Hal.

Darn said...

You've probably seen by now but he died of undisclosed causes at his home Monday. So so sad. I watched ATWT for a number of years and Hal was always such a strong, human and relatistic figure in Oakdale, he really grounded the whole crazy goings on. And Benjamin brought an irresistible charm and likeability to the role. I'm gonna miss him like crazy.

tina said...

So talented. Such a tragedy.

janie said...

Did you see they're saying it's a suicide? How terrible.

Darn said...

Ugh, I know. It makes me ill to think that such a nice, talented man felt so lonely that he had to take his life. As hokey as this might sound I hope he's found peace. And I hope ATWT does right by him.