Jul 31, 2006

Y&R - Monday - Faithful


If the Dalai Lama can be BFFs with the Richard Gere then he sure as fuck can guest star on Y&R. Come on, Dalai (or is it Mr. Lama?)! I smell "location shoot"!

Here's my take on Jack using Victor knowing he's mentally incapacitated, Victor would do something like this if he had to. Victor has never had to wait for Jack to be vulnerable, Jack has always been vulnerable, I don't mean emotionally, in business Jabot has been on the brink of death for what, 15 years? Victor has limitless resources to crush Jabot, Jack has had virtually none except for his relationships with Nikki, Nick and Vicki. My point is that I don't think this makes Jack any worse than Victor, just...his resources are different. Not that I excuse him, this is immoral and hideous but I don't think this removes the balance. It highlights it.

Did they seriously tie Sharon up and take her to Cleveland? Why? No, seriously, that makes no sense.

And JT and Sharon together? That's a peroxide bottle of dumb.

Even though they're running from GC in fear, Brad and Victoria go back to NE? Um, again, why? Do they need to travel across town in order to have a private conversation? I realize a jet is pretty small (not really) and they wanted their privacy but there's this new thing called "outside". Just a heads up.

I wish someone would tell me I'm Jewish. And I'm black so woah, crazy. Clearly Judaism is full of rockin' Rabbis so ya know, that's a plus.


smartyshorts said...

Darn, you are Jewish.

There you go.

And does anything that anyone is doing or has done in connection with the NotBrad storyline make any sense? No, it doesn't. So stop yer whinin and Suck.It.UP.
You just have to relaize that this SL exists in an alternate universe where up is down and cats and dogs get along. There has not been even ONE thing about this story that has any basis in logic.

Dali Lama on location. Oh yeah. Oh YEAH!!!!

crc said...


You always manage to come up with the coolest pictures that goes with your blog posts perfectly. They have me LOL! I'm seriously visualizing the Dali Lama yelling "ZAPATO!!!" Hilarious!

Anonymous said...
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Darn said...

Thanks! That picture is golden if I do say so myself. I bet DL and Zapato would get along, I bet Zapato is reincarnated.

Darn, you are Jewish.

There you go.

THANK YOU! It explains so much. I've always wanted a Bar Mitzvah and now I have a reason. Sure, I'm 22, DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!

You just have to relaize that this SL exists in an alternate universe where up is down and cats and dogs get along.

The same world where Victor is a sexgod and no one notices that Jack and Ashley are 50 and living at home?

Darn said...
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Darn said...

Blogger is double-posting for some reason...

arugula said...

I LOVE the picture of the Dali Lama. Perfect!! I was LOL when Victor started talking about having a private audience with the DL.

Now, Darn, won't you pretty pretty please do me a favor? Won't you exercise your photoshop skills and put the Jackswoosh hair ON the Dali Lama? Don't you think that would be sweet?

I think that will be the next vision Victor has -- the DL with Jack's hair ... all bathed in bright, beautiful light, of course.

arugula said...

... BTW, no disrespect to the DL of course. He has a good sense of humor and would appreciate my request. The DL says the purpose of life is to be happy! He's right! Make us happy, Darn! You're fulfilling life's purpose!!

(there I go with the exclamation marks again!!)

Darn said...

I WISH I had mad Photoshopping skillz. I don't even have Photoshop but SOON. A friend is getting it for me [crosses fingers]. If I get it the photos here will be greatly improved.

Atomica said...

DALAI Lama -- I'm just sayin' because I kind of like him. You are awesome, Darn.

Darn said...

I did a google search and it gave me both spellings but I think you're correct. I'll change it. Don't want to disrepect his holiness. There's been a lot of religious talk this week, weird. Especially on Y&R which tries to stay pretty middle of the road on everything.