Jul 27, 2006

Y&R - Wed/Thurs - Class without the "Cl"


Carmen: Phyllis is nice.
Dru: Dragon. Dragon. Watch your back.

Dru, you're lovely. I adore those Winters girls. From Dru's sickening sweetness with Carmen to the look Lily can Carmen when she started talking about her earrings. And the way she put Carmen's card in Daniel's pocket. It's the small things.

But Neil and Daniel need to get it together. Dru and Lily? ARE HOT! Rejecting sex from them is not cool and will warrant my five fingers saying hello to your faces if you don't stop it.


Of course Neil doesn't want Lily to get involved in Brad and Colleen's problems. "Thems white peoples! They got they bizness and we got our bidness, okay? Good girl, lawd chile, you gone kill ya poppa wit this crazy talk!" I hate devolving into black stereotypes, in fact I'm not proud about revoking Neil's blackcard. I just...don't like him. He's so pitiful, he's pathetic where other characters with far less intelligence and life experience are not. It makes me angry and discouraged that he'll ever be anything more. The fact that the most prominent African-American male on daytime has so little ambition or drive just ticks me off. He does absolutely nothing of any meaning whatsoever. Paul, who's about the same level of boring as Neil actually accomplishes things on his own (even as a piss poor detective he actually does attempt his job), Neil does nothing without approval or turning into a mopey sadsack. I just can't take anymore of this.


Amelia Heinle has very bouncy hair. If I focus on her hair I can stop looking at her face and sound out her voice. Such pretty hair. Pretty, pretty hair.

What is there a "Weird Fuckin' Hats" sale in GC or what, Alex? Dru would be all over that.

Jesus Christ, isn't Gloria supposed to be morally ambiguous? She's not grey anymore, she's straight up evil. What the fuck are they doing to her? So now she's proposing they knock out some girl and make it look like Alex raped her? Does she intend to eat her afterwards as well?

"Little girls taste like puppies."


Victor's a mutant! He's like Charles Xavier with hair and without the little girl love. Comic book geeks will get that.

Zapato needs his own spin-off, look how he owns every scene he's in. He won't simply tolerate Jack holding him, he's gonna lick Jack's face, Zapato knows when and how to highlight his numerous skills, he's building that resume. Soap operas? Pfft! No, no, in a few years everybody's gonna be all "Lassie who? Rin tin what? Benji? Bitch please.".

You know, Nikki, if you keep making that face it's gonna stay that way.

Nikki: Like what? I'm smiling. Can't you see me smiling?
Me: Oh...wow. Damn. Get that fixed.
Nikki: I am ESTATIC!

Colleen. Shutty. Long. Time. You say so much, you flashback so much, we care so little. So so sooooo little. It's too bad that you can't major in Ass Sitting, Paul would be excellent at that. "JT? Dead, maybe. Cleveland is a beautiful city, let's sightsee, Cols! Come on! Cols!"

Look at Sharon, she's getting the biggest kick out of this whole "drop off" thing, I bet she thinks she's a Bond girl now.

"I'm undercover! Don't tell anybody! They're after me! I'm strong and independent! BRAAAAAD!!!!"


Oh but wow, Sharon's "You know there's one good thing about this divorce, you won't be my mother-in-law anymore!". Sharon Case played that perfectly. Very effective.

Nick and Phyllis:
The Epitome of Class.

And that's all I'll say about them.


Anonymous said...

I officially hate Neil. He is an embarrassment to ALL men of color: black, white, brown, purple, green. He is a DISGRACE. He is weak, which makes him doubly unattractive. And like you pointed out, I cannot believe he isn't ashamed of how his daughter views his sorry ass. If it weren't for Dru, Lily would be walking around with a Kick Me sign on her the way Neil does. Thank God for the Diva Dru.

janie said...

"You know there's one good thing about this divorce, you won't be my mother-in-law anymore!"

I was actually pretty touched by that moment; it felt very genuine. Good on Sharon Case for that one.

Darn said...

Me too, she played that beautifully.

I officially hate Neil. He is an embarrassment to ALL men of color: black, white, brown, purple, green. He is a DISGRACE.
Exactly. I should have said that, he's disgraceful as a human being. No, as a being. There ya go.

Arugula said...

Zapato was practically making out with Nikki when she was holding him. It was pretty funny.

It cracks me up how Victor says "Ijustlovethatdog" every time the dog is around. Maybe the dog got it in his contract that Victor would have to say that every time they're on screen together! Ha!

smartyshorts said...

How cool that Zapato's contract is now better than EB's. He gets to make out with The Godess Nikki, and it's contractual that Everyone. Loves. Zapato.
Now if he can get it in there that he gets to bite AbBot, and or Lil Bastard twice a week, they can give him Carmen's salary once she gets electrocuted by her cell phone.

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