Jul 2, 2006

Y&R - Sunday Special - Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Maybe NSFW


We all hold such sweet images of mothers, such comforting forces in our lives...

To be there for us, baking cookies, cleaning for us, taking us to soccer practice...

Now imagine if your mother was a great...big...WHORE!

"Oh, Carol, I have just so much do today! Where will I ever find the time to get dressed in the morning AND get the kids sent off to school?"
"Patty, you haven't heard?"
"Heard? Whatever about?!"
"The newest revolution in clothing for mothers! Sharon Newman's clothing line, for the mother who has so much to juggle and so much more to jiggle!"

Sharon Newman Introduces the Newest Revolution in houseclothes for mothers:
MommySlut Wear by Sharon Newman




"I don't get it. I'm confuuuuuuused. Hold me, Brad! Hold me tight! Tighter! Now put it in... Wait! Where are you goooooing?! BRAAAAAAAAAAD!"


redfres said...

Oh dear lord. I love the motto :) Too bad it looks like it is physically painful for her to try and look as sultry as she'd like to think she is.

Pandora said...

I wonder, do you think Sharon Case's mommy sees these photos and feels proud?

Darn said...

Honestly I hope no one sees this as a judgment on Sharon Case, I could really give a crap about what she does, this is all about Sharon Newman and the way the show portrays her as this perfect little soccer mom when she's clearly a twisted little passive aggresive snot. So I jus thope I'm not coming off as some creepy who hates women who are even a little bit sexual, ya know?

And that last pic of SC still makes me laugh. She looks so bewildered, "Is that a camera? Where am I?".

tina said...


Darn said...

I hope I didn't turn you off to the blog. This is the result of a long-running joke on TWOP. It's not the uh, most clever of things but I easily amuse so what do I know?

jfdb said...

Hee he, ha, ha, ho. Yeah, I dunno nothing about SC but your captions so perfectly capture the utter vacancy of Sharin da Bootay I can only clap slowly and then spit in her eye.

'Okay, so, am I, kind of, like, doing it right? what kind of expression on my face? I don't think I know that one...but (perks up) boy do I know sexy. See, the boys always like it when I (see last shot) do this one!

Loving the wRek blog, Darn.

crc@SON said...

How the heck did I miss this? LOL!