Jun 19, 2006

OLTL - Addendum

Wait, wait. Wait.

Which Kenny sang the song in Top Gun? Kenny Loggins or Kenny Rogers? Because if Kassie dePaiva is doing some country-ass fan event with the singer from Top Gun, I will actually come if she sings "Highway To The Danger Zone." That is some once in a lifetime shit I could not possibly miss. Someone tell Mrs. dePaiva that if she was to sing "Highway To The Danger Zone" - or really any '80 movie soundtrack standard - I will absolutely attend.

It's what she should've been fucking singing on the show all this time. "Simply Love" my ass. Sorry, Kassie. I love you. I hate your singing, I love you.


smartyshorts said...

It was Kenny Loggins and I would LOVE to have her sing Like Footloose or Let's Hear it for the Boy. Oh that would be Supa Sweet. Actually having anyone sing those songs in a public forum would be kinda sweet (other than American Idol of course. Nothing there is sweet at all)

Smart Alec said...

I HATE her singing almost as much as her character.

jase said...

Oh, I love poor old Blair. I hate the singing. But not as much as I hate Evangeline's.