Jun 15, 2006

Y&R - Thursday

"Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, snowflakes keep falling on my head--Oh, hello there! I didnotseeyou comein! Pleasepleasehaveaseat! I am sogladthatyoustoppedbytoday! I was just thinking of you! Niiiiiki, wehavecompany! Oh, youhavenoideahowpleased I am to see you! Have I--have I ever told you how important you are to me? Ihaven't?! You are. Youareveryimportanttome."

[Victor takes a seat on the arm of his couch and begins to untie his tennis shoes]

"I play basketball! Doyouplaybasketball? Ilikebasketballverymuch! Oh my friend, didyouhear? I--I boughtatrainset! Yes, yes, my grandson, Noah, and I wenttothetrainshop and bought the most glorious trainset! Hohoho--it's quite a marvel, isn'tit? [Victor's eyes go wide] Do you want to see?! I couldshowyou! Letmeshowyou!"

Ta-dah! Wouldyoubemine? Couldyoubemine?

Brad and Victoria sex is a good diet. If you're bulimic.

It's nice and wonderful and blahdeebloo that there's nothing wrong with Lauren or Phyllis' babies but it makes you wonder what the point of all that was? Yeah, this is probably to just distract us from the imminent tragedy.

Colleen: We really screwed it up, didn't we?

We? I think your bottomless pit of insecurities was the problem. Clingy, nosey and insecure. You're like Mac with more junk in the trunk.

Yes, Neil, it's nice that you talk about wanting more and see that you're going nowhere with Newman. It's a nice THOUGHT. Now DO something, goddammit! You've been saying this for years yet sitting on your hands...it's just--ugh.



janie said...

Oh God, the Victor voice is perfect. That is exactly how he sounds. Brilliant!

I hope Eric Braeden is having fun with the new crazy-ass side of Victor. I think he is.

arugula said...

Oh Darn! Youaresoveryfunny. Youmakemelaugh. Youdon'tBEGIN to understand the paaaah of my laughter!

PS. THAT is a perfect picture of EB. Perfect!

Darn said...

Oh, you have no idea how happy I was to find that picture. Notice what's on his jacket, how perfect is that?

I hope Eric Braeden is having fun with the new crazy-ass side of Victor. I think he is.
I think he is too, he's actually stretching his acting muscles, it's a nice change of pace for him I bet.

kia112 said...

Ahhh! You like John Mayer? So totally unrelated...

Darn said...

I do, I do, is that a good or bad thing?

Pandora said...

Victor forgot to introduce us to his puppy. "Zapato, where are you? Eating my slipper? Naughty, naughty Zapato! Oh, and where is my hamster, Fez? There you are, under the couch, silly Fez! And what about Cravat the kitten? Heeere, Cravat! Oops, look at the time! I'm supposed to meet Nikki for a horseback ride. Which horse will I ride today? Why, Support Hose, of course!"

Demig said...

Poor Malcolm X must be turning in his grave. Maybe LipDirt (can't remember his real name now) will give him a poster as a post father's day gift. He seems quietly hardcore enough to do so.

smartyshorts said...
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kia112 said...

It's an excellent thing.

Darn said...

It's an excellent thing.
But is it amazing?

Brother Malcolm is indeed turning in his grave and forever judging Neil and his yesman self.

And Zapato is my new favorite character.