Jun 20, 2006

Y&R - Tuesday: The End of Days

Somethin', somethin' in the distance...

Y'all hear that?

I heards it, boss and I am scurrrred!

As am I, my brotha, as am I.

Jack: Looks like Zapato is the new director of Human Resources...

Victor: Oh HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! YouarefunnymanJagAbbott! OHOHOHOHOHOHO! Thatmakemelaughsomuch! [wipes tears from eyes] Ineedanappyformyeyes! Ohohohohohohohoooo!

Jack: I'm...uh, glad I could make you laugh.

Victor: Youknow, JagAbbott, I love you.

Jack: Uh, uh, yeah, me too, bud.

Victor: Buuuuuuuud! Oh Rudy, youmakemelaugh! That Vanessasobitchysometimes, no?

Jack: Uh, yeah. Sure, why not?

Victor: I love you very much, I do [Victor puts his hands on Jack's hips, Jack becomes increasingly uncomfortable] JagAbbott, areyouticklish?

Jack: Yeah, kinda--[Victor begins to tickle Jack] hehehe, Victor, hehe--Victor! Cut it out!

Victor: Cut! It! Out! LikeJoey! Ohhohohoho! Tickletickle! TicklemeElmo! TicklemeJack! TicklemeElmo! TicklemeJack! SALSA!

Wait, WAIT, so Kevin set up Wi-Fi at a coffeehouse? You just blew my motherfuckin' mind, Y&R. Who, who is the bastion of that fantastic, creative, never been done before ever at all idea? WHOWHOWHO? We gots to know!

Love Phyllis, cute chick, really fun but also dramatic, Michelle Stafford, wonderful actress, Emmy-winning, lovely human being but we need a break. We need a break so bad from Phyllis. She's all over the place, literally and figuratively and it's hurting her character like you wouldn't believe. Yes, use your best assets but not incessantly. This show is a treasure trove of gifted actresses, give them someting to work with. Jeanne Cooper has been sitting on her hands for far too long, Victoria Rowell hasn't had anything to do except kowtow to Neil and deal with her dumbass daughter for months now, Jess Walton is in a story centered around an internet-dating site. This shit can't fly! CAN'T FLY! I will cut someone! IsweartoGod.

JT, Colleen, come here. C'mere. C'merrrrrre. Closer. Good, perfect. Nobody gives a shit. Thankyoucomeagain.


kia112 said...

I love the way you write Victor's dialog. It's both his cadence and what he would realistically say.

Janie said...

Yeah, the Jack/Victor/Zapato lovefest gave me the heebs. I thought Jack's expressions were pretty perfect, though. Total WTF? moment.

I love Phyllis, but I agree that I would love to see the other women get some good scenes too.

And Oh. My God. JT and Colleen are irritating me SO bad.

Darn said...

JT and Colleen give me hives. Don't they realize how worthless they are?

Thanks, kia, EB just has an odd way of speaking, especially as HappyFunVictor, that's so easily mockable.