Jun 18, 2006

Y&R/ATWT - I'm HAIR for you, brother

The Young and the Restless star Peter Bergman's former co-star and friend, The Swoo(sh)p. Recently let go by new headwriter Lynn Marie Latham he is trying to reflect on the past 20 years and reconnecting with old friends is helping to facilitate that.

Following co-star Benjamin Hendrickson's decision to not continue on with As The World Turns in 2004 (he returned in 2005) , Mr. Hairpiece was informed by Mr. Hendrickson's agent that his services would no longer be needed. Mr. Hairpriece briefly worked as a bouncer at a beauty salon but was unceremoniously fired after being found sniffing hair clippings. Life got no easier for him as he turned to perming and bleaching and became addicted to dying his hair a rich burgundy. Now in rehab Mr. Hairpiece is slowly trying to rebuld his life.



You look good, you look real good.

How long have we known each other? Don't lie to me, man.

Have I ever lied to you before? I'm not gonna start now.

Ya right, ya right, you're a better man than that.

Seriously, you look great.

So...I heard. About the--the cut.

Yeah. You know that old saw, "Storyline-dictated."

Bullshit. Fuckin' bullshit.

Yeah, well--Hey, is that a new dye job?

Oh--oh yeah, my sister came by wit her kids, they're cute and smart and look good for growth by the way, anyway, she dyed it a bit.

I thought they didn't allow that here?

WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME?! Do you know the life I've lived, what I've been through?! Me and Benjy was like brothers--cousins! Second cousins! HE gets fired and I get tossed aside like he's some modern day Mr. Fucking Clean! He was nothin' before me, he--he--

Oh, good God man, come here, come here--

How--how come he don't want me, man?! How--how--

[The Swoo(sh)p holds Mr. Hairpiece as he silently weeps]


Anonymous said...

spokesmolly says: Hilarious. Throw in Rose's bangs and Carly's extensions and you'll have a party.

Demig said...

Creepily funny.
Now you should have cat fight between Sharin's extensions and Lily's curly extensions (which I dispise).

Darn said...

Lily's weave is fierce! It's practically ALIVE!

Rose's bangs of adultery and "Pawl, Pawl, Pawl, I dun wanna die..." need their own separate blog.

crc@SON said...

Why? Why? Why, did the Swoop have to go? Yet, the bobble-head with the bulging eyes get to stay. It's not right. We should start a petition. Better yet, a campaign to get our Swoop back. What do ya suggest we send in to the Y&R offices? Combs? Brushes? LOL!

Darn said...

I say hairpieces. And glue that shit on Peter Bergman's head RIGHT NOW!

crc@SON said...


Ronda said...

You get points for having BH's hair quote The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.