Jun 14, 2006

Y&R - Wednesday

In The Gavy

Victoria: Why didn't you tell me you were in the navy, BradLEE? While you explain I'll make a pot 'o tea!

[Brad takes a seat on the couch and stares off into the middle distance wistfully]

It was years ago, I wanted to serve my country. My fellow me. I did years of serving my fellow man. I serviced my fellow man regularly. I like to think I still do.

Oh, I you do, you do! You're a good man

On particularly rainy days my ass still aches. Sigh. The Navy, [Brad brings the couch pillow tightly to his chest] oh, how I miss your rainy days and stormy, stormy nights.

Did--did I just watch ClackClackNarmFace and BradBot dance to Big Band music? This hurts my heart so so much. Y&R, I treat you well, I buy you jewelry, I run your bath, I'm faithful and you turn around spit on me. Just spit all on my face with the nasty--OH GOD NOW THEY'RE HAVING SEX! Intercut with people I actually LIKE. Oh, you are tricky. Tricky tricky. That was a nice song. And look how you pull me back in. Iloveyousomuchmarrymeplease.

Jesus, Gloria truly looks like the Pomerania (tm CaptainDrSnarky) we all know she is with her new haircut. Wet dog. Wet psycho crazy in the head bitch. See when you call Gloria a bitch it's not an insult to women, it's an accurate description.

If I was a kid and I answered my parents "What?" I would have gotten my lips torn off. Also Noah does not listen to rap. Don't expect me to buy that shit. He listens to KidzBop inbetween his Barry Manilow shuffle.

Christ, Sharon, you drippy bitch. Now you don't want the divorce. And you flounce about the room like your skank don't stank.

Kiss Me, Fuck Me, Hate Me, Love Me -
The Mantra of Sharon Newman

Jack's haircut still makes me weep at night BUT he does look rather dashing. Here's my theory on why he got the haircut now as opposed to any other point in the past 20 years: For the first time while doing battle with Victor he truly feels he has a chance. Jack, no matter his boisterous chest pounding or smart mouth he knows that Victor doesn't lose. No matter the cost Victor doesn't lose. Now Victor, for once, is defeated. Without even a fight Victor has been diminished and Jack sees his chance and no obstacles in his way. He feels free enough, comfortable enough to all wily nily cut his hair.

Or I could be full of shit.


Anonymous said...

Sweet muscular Jesus, Darn! I was grinning and reminiscing. PB is quite the looker too.


kel said...

Oh, Darn...again with the brilliance. Can we get Sharin' a hot cup of shut the fuck up?

I miss the Swoosh desperately, too.

JoAnne said...

A friend directed me to your blog - I'm a longtime Y&R fan, too. LOVE you. Love you. Jack's hair: ROTFL!!!! Marry me? :-D

Darn said...

Yes. You cool with bigamy? Heh.

Y'all are too nice. Thank you so much you guys.

janie said...

I loved the Swoosh, but I can't help it: I love the new 'do. I think it looks good.

You may be on to something with that theory.